Can’t get Blizzard Mountain??

So I own the game and the DLC including Blizzard Mountain. But I can’t get access to it? Just says it’s not available for sale. Any ideas how to regain access?

Edit - Ignore me! What I posted first is wrong and the right answer is below.

You need a code as all FH3 stuff has been delisted from the online store. If you can find a code to buy elsewhere that is valid it should still work but I imagine they are pretty rare now sorry.

Try this highlight the game then hit the select or the 3 lined button then go to manage games and add ons click it then if it is in there un checked checked mark it and click save changes should work

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This is the right answer I misread the OPs post. Yes if you own it then Manage Games on the Xbox should let you re-add any add ons.

Can I do that on Windows 10 ? My Xbox isn’t working for months and beffore FH3 got delisted I got the Duracell car pack but it wants me to buy the car pack

on window go to the windows store search Fh3 look for addons and see if ya can from there

It seems that, sometime in the last month, a load of the add-ons for the game (both expansions and most car packs) have uninstalled themselves from my Series X console! Currently reinstalling the uninstalled DLC, hopefully this fixes the issue

Edit: Have now reinstalled them and they both now shows as accessible so anyone having this issue, double-check they are actually installed on your Xbox

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