Overpriced on Windows Store?

FM7 is €69.99 on the Irish Windows Store, while €59.99 is the standard price for games on Steam and Valve get a 30% cut of that.

Pricing is down to Microsoft, not Turn 10.

When Awakening The Nightmare (Halo Wars 2 expansion) was overpriced it was brought up on Halo Waypoint. Brian Jarrard (the 343 community manager) took notice and got it resolved https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/38bd6e2ebbb14e5b9b359bb029588800/topics/digital-pricing-issues---prior-to-oct-1/ee860aa7-01cb-4ad6-981c-d759ffb1384a/posts

I’m just wondering if the current price is correct.