Over 30,000 xp per second!

LOL ! Just messing around with Event Lab for tomorrow’s Daily “Bring Your A Game” suspecting it won’t count if I do my own Event Blueprint but… and this happened !

No kidding, you will get 1,000XP for a 0.033 second “race” in ANY car, guaranteed win ! That’s over 30,000XP per second (…1.8million/minute, 109million/hour, lol …not counting restarting the event of course :wink: ). Even in that D100 you never drive. You don’t even have to do anything after the “Start Race Event” button. I’m not sure why it automatically accelerates ? It is supposed to finish at the first checkpoint, so maybe there’s an invisible checkpoint right on the starting line ?

Haven’t tried it Co-Op or PVP yet, have no idea what might happen there hehehe. Kinda curious how it works for others, not begging for plays (appreciated though if you do, thanks), it just gave me a laugh when I test drove it so figured I’d share :slight_smile:

EZ Los Jardines Short Circuit - 287 149 503

Hope it gets a grin or two ! …before this thread and the event are disappeared for some supposed exploit :roll_eyes: (everything done was totally within the game mechanics).

Laters all !

You do realize all previous exploits that were patched and in some cases resulted in bans were “totally within the game mechanics”. Hence the term exploit.

I’m not sure if this is an exploit or could care less but if it is then you’re just accerating the process of this exploit being addressed.

They may be extremely slow at fixing the game but they are quite fast when it comes to banning players and patching exploits.

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Just seems with loading times, finishing screens and the black screen while loading freeroam again that I would get more xp from an actual race. How much can you get with this blueprint in 5 minutes of running it?

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Precisely ! My post is very much tongue in cheek, and a bit of a dig at all the stupid click bait YouTubes of similar titles and such. I have no idea how many XP you’d get in 5 minutes. A couple or three thousand maybe :smiley: BIG MONEY ! :wink:

All true. And also sort of the point. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this fixed pdq and me banned because I “cheated” and “self-reported” here. Confirming many suspicions about the state of the game.

I wanted to see what this was all about, whether someone was having us on or whether it was a legit 30,000 xp a sec.

Turns out its a hoax but good on you, you got your click bait :rofl:

Got 1000XP for a 0.036 second race :joy:

I do admit i was skeptical when i read this post as i was pretty sure PGG had patched the game so you couldn’t “exploit” it like that as you could in the early days.

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Just trying to share a laugh :smiley:

Interesting that you got 0.036 second time. All my times were 0.033 seconds. From an X999 with 10s down to a D100.

I’ve often wondered if there were still issues with posted time differences screwing up challenges. Back in FH4 I think there were issues where the creator could get a certain time result and figure that’s fair since they could do it but everyone trying it in the same setup was just short.

Almost seems like this shows the same thing. Unless you weren’t getting the automatic acceleration I was and had to hit the throttle ? Or maybe it’s the server lag difference ?

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All good :+1: May have been 0.033 but i was sure it was 0.036.

I didn’t even hit the throttle. It just accelerated and then it was done in a nano second :joy:

I think it may be a platform issue too with times (Rivals mainly) where i have seen PC players get slightly ahead even though we both finish (and at times i finish ahead) at the same moment and vica versa.

Just makes me push it harder is all but then that’s where i make mistakes and frustration sets in.

Anyway, i thought your “exploit” was a good laugh, i’ll give you the two thumbs up for that :rofl:

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Yes they will fix anything that benefits the player like lightening, whereas other things languish in the pit of known issues with solved support tickets forever.

It must be hard for them to decide what not to fix so they get around that by leaving all of them.