Newbie info!!

Okay I’m really amazed by this. I am still new to the game so I don’t know the “tips and tricks” but how the… is this possible? some kind of hack? look at our XP and then look at his. Someone please explain this to me


They probably received an XP award from a Forzathon challenge during your race.

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Are you not playing this game/online adventure races too often? You seem to be wondering yourself, do you not see them or what? Or never asked yourself why is that number by 70% higher than everyone else’s?

Anyone else?

His response is correct though
And seems to get brought up quite often
Probably happening a lot this week with the forzathon being the way it is this week

Can you be more specific? I think i see 2 or 3 people almost every race with that kind of XP. What do you mean exactly?

Happens a lot when it pops a forzathon during race. I’ve had it help me two or three times. Sometimes it pops during the drive between events too.

Since all these Forzathons are going on I don’t even bother looking at Championship board. Last night I was in first and then we finished race 4 in A class. I dropped to 2nd and someone who had joined the lobby during the race still in an S1 car won the championship without even participating. Normally I’d have been irritated but I just shook my head and laughed. As the only difference for me between 1st and 2nd is a measly 2000 credits as I’m star level. And those credits are meh as I’m sitting on 72 million and not much left to spend it on lol. Thanks Forzathon.

Alright, makes much more sense now. Thanks.