Orange peel/metal flake effect on metallic cars toned down

Has the orange peel or metal flake effect been reduced or scaled back on cars with metallic paint jobs?

Pre-update 10, I seem to remember the orange peel effect on metallic cars stand out more and look nice and vibrant under the sun. What happened?

Of course, it will probably never be as good as FM 5, 6 and Horizon 2 or 3.

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I haven’t noticed it personally. What I have noticed and don’t like at all is that with metallic flake, you can’t have a white base paint and saturated flake in this game like in FH because doing so somehow changes the base coat to a different color instead of just staying white.

Yeah, I know what you mean. FM23 is very much a work-in-progress and nowhere near the polished or ‘complete’ game it should have been or could be. Hopefully, they will make cars’ paintjobs pop more according to weather and TOD and look more realistic depending on what kind of paint surface they have.

Just look at the paintjobs/exterior surfaces in FM5 and 6 - those look noticeably better. Off-topic though but even the car interiors and dash details look incredibly good in both those games, putting FM23 to shame.

Fire up FM6 or FH2 - see how stunning the orange peel effect looks on metallic cars. You feel like you can almost touch and feel it. :heart_eyes:

Hated the paint shop in this game. Hated painting a car, getting where you kind of liked it. You couldn’t get where you liked it because the paint shop is too broken. But then we get get the next update and all your cars look different. But there’s nothing in the change log about paint shop changes.