Options Screen

For some reason I cannot find the Options screen in order to set up my wheel. In Forza 5 it was easy to find but I have no such screen, my games goes right into a race. I have Assists and Drivatar menu but no option. Any help would be appreciated.

I forgot to mention I’m on the XboxOne.

NOTE: FM6 is only on Xbox One.

Here’s the secret. Shut down your console, REMOVE the controller or do NOT start the console with the controller. Connect your wheel to one of the back USB ports.

Launch the Xbox One by pressing the Big X button on the front of the console. With your wheel connected, you will still be able to sign into Xbox Live and navigate around the screen. Launch FM6 from the Dashboard, after the game splash screens press the A button for menu, navigate to the right to Options, then down and right to CONTROLLER / WHEEL. You will now be able to set up the wheel. And remember to use the X button for Advanced settings.

When you’re using the wheel, you should always start the console with only the wheel connected to one of the back USB ports, so it is recognized as the primary input device.

Thank you, I will try it when I get home. It really threw me off having to start out racing before calibrating my wheel. Thank you.

Also check out this thread before you start with the wheel: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst41479_Steering-Wheels-and-You---A-Hopefully-Helpful-Guide.aspx GREAT information in there, and it can lead to a better understanding of what your doing. :slight_smile:

Does it matter if I use the back port or the side port? I always disconnect my gamepad first before I start up the Xbox one.