Optimizing corner exit grip and acceleration

Is there anyone who knows what area’s of the car I should be looking at to maximize corner exit grip on RWD. My car bogs a little on exit but as soon as it straightens then I’m golden. Better driving is of course an option but I have no issues with that.

I’d really like to phase out the bogging as much as possible. I’m also running Very High accel and decel…100% accel/decel is at 80% with a rearward brake balance as I’m trying to get a little kick off the back end to point and shoot but the bogging is letting this down a bit.

I’ll be releasing the tune very soon but want to finalize it. This is the last thing I need to do.

Try lower decel, better gearbox, no TCS? Also rear bump, rebound and springs may need to be adjusted depending on what traction you are getting.

Id possibly try reducing the accel. It seems remarkably high.

maybe drop it by 5% every lap till the “bogging” stops?

I will certainly try it thanks, however I went up from around 80% Accel to 100%(Decel just followed the increase to keep balance) and gained 4 tenths immediately on the track. Then ended up dropping back the decel to give me that rear end kick when applying some throttle just before apex.

The unfinished, or finished as it might turn out, tune is on the share front right now. Not an official release but try it out to see what your thoughts are if you can.

Track: IndyGP
Car: Mx5 Miata Gen1
Tune: IndyMX5
Current LB Placement #43

One other thing. I’m having to run TCS on. This is having a big part to play.



Also sounds like you are misunderstanding what decel does.

Decel controls the drive wheel to drive wheel locking point when off throttle. If you want when on throttle as PTG Claret said you need to adjust you accel. Decel rotates the car when off throttle or on the brakes. I find it pretty standard to have a low decel esp in high powered cars because they tuners tend to tune out the oversteer and make the front have quite a bit of understeer, so they throw in low decel numbers so you can just lift and it will rotate the car.

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Thanks bud, yeah I think I got the diff idea. It started off at almost equal to the Accel and I have been lowering it to get more rotation when entering a corner(throttle off after some braking). Is that right?

I never thought of taking it much lower though because I wanted to keep some balance as well and of course with a 4 tenths increase of time after moving the settings higher(mostly accel) how can I start moving them back down?

I’m gonna try lowering decel to around 55% to see the difference then move up/down slowly.
I’ll also try putting diff settings down and turning TCS off.

Again the tune is out there if you have any ideas.



sounds like you are running tcs… thats the tcs engaging and then disengaging when it believes you have enough grip. If this is true try the same tune with tcs off.

Urgh… I’m so close to the tune release that turning it off will mean a whole retune :frowning:

but yes… TCS is causing a big part and its not too bad without. Actually with such high diff settings maybe turning it off and lowering those will help. My lap time is currently about 1.5 second down though with TCS on.



^^or am I fighting an unfixable TCS issue?

I would never tune with TCS. It sounds as though you’re tuning against it rather than the car.

How are you’ll powering thru turns without pushing yourself off the track with such high diff settings. Im running 0 on both accel and decel for faster turns and regeared to give faster accel on the straights to catch and pass those I cant pass on turns before hand.

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I’ll spend a bit of time setting up the car without but to be absolutely fair other than power on oversteer it still handles great with it off. Something that I’m sure the diff can 90% mend.

In short I tried it and it worked. Check out the time posted on the LB #43 last time I checked and you can see how I drove the car


I know it all depends on personal preference as to whether you want to use TCS, but i really believe it hides issues.

for example, i have a 900+hp cougar in C class. It does 240mph down the lemans straight. With tcs, I dnf’d a full lobby. Without it, i could barely get to the straight without the car firing off in all directions except the one i wanted.

i realise this is an extreme example, but it really highlights how TCS makes a poorly tuned car into a monster sometimes.

i personally will always start accel diff around 20, and decel around10. Ill play with the values from there dependant on how the car drives.

Ok so I got tune without TCS(something I should have done from the start really but current LB place isn’t bad for being tuned with, although the miata is a tough car to tune terribly from what I can tell)
Play with diff settings and rear springs/dampers but mainly diff.

I’m chasing about 5 tenths for top ten as have run a 24.9 in testing so look forward to non TCS runs.

I’m not for one second saying you should tune without TCS. If you drive with it on, then that’s probably the best way to tune the car. Also, many of the top LB tunes run TCS, so it obviously works. Your current time is far higher than most could hope for on any track.

i was just saying that in my (largely insignificant) opinion, TCS tends to make a poorly tuned car very competitive.

I agree with the last statement. I don’t mind people using tcs even tho I don’t but still the best tunes come from when they were tuned to the best of the ability without tcs and then it doesnt matter how you run it, but it is quite often that it runs faster with tcs on. look at the top of most of the leaderboards… the top time is often on with tcs on (whether the top time actually used tcs is a different story) but if you tune the car to be competitive without tcs, it may just give u the edge when that tune is driven with tcs as the car will likely be using tcs less frequently.

I can agree on the TCS for lots of people. I run it cause I will spin everywhere if I dont use it with my car builds. It also depends on how you drive your car on wether you can be faster or it with it on or off. Im faster with it on while one of my friends is better with it off. Its always fun racing cause its who will beat who with different TCS settings on a given track. Perfect example I have is on long beach full with my R class mercury cougar. Running TCS I have ran a 1.21.8 clean time where if I take it off I hit every wall and spin out from the wheel spin leaving me well over 2 minutes before I finish the lap.

Because it’s a hot lap car and only meant to really be for Indy GP as I plan to get a car out in A for each circuit or circuit group then I’m at least going to tune a little with TCS off so to try and have the car not rely on it so much. After that though I’ll mainly tune with it on as that’s how it’s ran fastest and be intended to run. Better for the masses as well who I hope can download and enjoy the car!

I tried alternate setups
Best results with TCS Off came with accel 8% decel 10% and some different arbs and dampers setup plus higher front spring lower rear and slightly lower rear tyre pressure. That made it more controllable anyway and managed to get a 1"26 dead. That tune with TCS on though now understeers too much though.

I really feel like one minute I know what I’m doing and the next I don’t!

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