Only 3 HE Cars obtained at Level 187....

… Is that normal or am i very unlucky ?

I see a lot of people saying they own almost every HE cars at level 300.

What do you think ? How many HE cars did you obtain from the wheelspin please ?

Thanks, because 800k to 1 million on the AH for an HE Car is a lot of money, really…

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on average you get one for every 50 spins, so I would say your due for another pretty soon


Level 148, 4 HE cars from Wheelspins. The other 5 I have are from the AH and not paid more than 400k for any of them.

Lv 230, 7 HE through spins (some spins were bought)

Thanks for the answers.
It seems i’m not very lucky, but maybe not as bad as i thought.

But I really don’t have a lot of luck on these spins, almost 30-50% time i got pink rewards which goes between 1000 and 5000…

Totally normal. You have to buy extra spins (unlock the perk first) to get them from spins. A HE car averages 1 million credits spent on spins. Or you can just save yourself the trouble and buy them directly from the auction house. What I do is spin away 7 million or so which earns me most HE cars and even some doubles. Those I sell. Then I buy the missing ones from the auction house.

I’ve had 4 HE cars from spins, two of which were duplicates I’m level 306 now I think.

ive got 5 HE cars from spins and also won a further 3 from auctions for less than $500k

Its just luck really, today I got a Mini HE edition then a BAC Mono HE Edition in quick succession, and other times I seem to get loads of 2000cr rewards

At low 400s, I’ve gotten 8 HE cars from spins (though only one since the console update). Just got the Corvette yesterday. That supports the theory of one per 50 spins.

I’m level 58, but have 0 HE cars from wheelspins. I have the feeling I’m really unlucky. And do you only get them from purchased spins, VIP spins or what?

All of mine came from level-up spins. I bought a couple of spins once to check out the cost, and to see if there was any difference. No, they’re the same, as far as I can tell, and I don’t like spending credits on stuff like this. (Fast-travel, same thing. I don’t even have that perk enabled.) I’m not a wheeler/dealer, so the only way I make credits is through racing and lucky spins, and I want them for car purchases.

You´re partially right. In the beginning the wheel spin was far more generous and we could see 400k cars and horizon edition cars much frequently. Now after the horizon editions renewal, the wheelspin is very bad.

So partially you´re kinda out of luck because you didnt have it 1st, and now you´re unlucky again because they made it worse.

I´m not level 300 yet, and I got all horizon cars released so far. I´d say 70% from lucky draws, and 30% from lucky biddings on auction house (i got a lambo countach for about 224.000 when in the same minute where people were giving 800k bids.

I tried to quit and reload the game when I see that the prize is a crap… doesnt matter, the result seems to be set right in the beginning of the process, then the game starts the slot machine animation, and you see the result. Some animations are wrong and mysteriously the roulette spins a bit more to give you 2000 or that crappy car that nobody wants.

Also it looks like there´s a tendency to give better or normal items. Some spins animation look precise on giving the horizon cars, while others just feel like normal. For people for bought the standard edition the spins are like “mmmmmm”… But for people who bought the deluxe or the top expensive version, the spins seem to be HELLOWWW YOU AGAIN, lets see what we can get :slight_smile:

I got no proof to support this, but it feels like… so have your own conclusions.

My advice is: get the perk that allows you to buy a spin for 50k, then DONT ABUSE IT !!! If the prize isnt what you looked for, but the spin gave you something like 35k, pay for another spin (total lost 15k so far, since you paid 50k). If you got another 35k give it another spin (so far you lost 30k, which is manageable), If you got less than 40k, QUIT (at this moment you´re losing 50k for 4 attempts, which is tolerable), but if you got 40 then pay for another spin (you lost 50k now), and still if the prize isnt what you expected, quit if you didnt get 100k.

It´s all about credits… stupid cheap cars dont count. If you´re feeling you´re not going anywhere, use the perks to give you extra money and exp on championship and the next 3 campaign races (mind these 2 perks), and get money to go to auction house, and try your luck there. The cars will cost around 400 to 700k, thats the rational limit you can push yourself. If someone else is biddind more than 700k on a horizon edition, let the crazy one spend his money and forget about it.

Now that I have all horizon cars, I just use the BAC MONO, the BMW M4 and the M3 (for drifts). Also the old mustang helped me once, and the rest is dusting. Try to focus on the cars you need, and you´ll surely suffer less :slight_smile:

I wanted to have all horizon cars and I got them all (so far 25 october), but now im not using almost none, and I ended up with 1.2 million left. Was it worth it? You decide.

PS.: the deals I´m proud of were the ZONDA for 1.150.000 (more than 1 million in “discount”), the La Ferrari for 900k (600k saved), and the Lambo countach for 224k.

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What a hell of an explanation ^^. Thank you. All HE cars at level 300 is indeed very lucky… How many total ?

Thanks for reading my wall text :slight_smile: I´m glad it was helpful.

And the horizon cars I have so far are:

(1st batch)

BMW M4 Coupe
BMW M3 (E36)
Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport Coupe
Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR
Ford GT
Ford Focus RS
Ford Mustang Boss 302
Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7
Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4
Nissan GT-R Black Edition (R35)
Subaru BRZ

(2nd batch)

BAC Mono
Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV
Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series
MG Metro 6R4
MINI Cooper S
Subaru Impreza 22B STi

So… all of them so far, heh, :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to the next batches, especially the two truck HE’s.

I acquired about 4 or 5, I was about level 220 at that point then proceeded to buy all but 2 on the AH only because I ran low on credits… then went and did 15 laps on Goliath in a skills car. More money and spins. Hoping to get the two I don’t have (the mini and the mercedes). But of the ones I bought on AH I never paid over 800k. However. Any duplicate HE cars I win I keep, then sell the duplicate that wasn’t originally mine… only car I can’t seem to sell no matter how low I put the buyout at is the mercedes Benz pre order car… somehow I ended up with two lol… I do feel like the spins are less generous than before the update, I have been getting 10k and lower on spins more often than before.

Only other people that got the Benz pre order code can purchase that car in the AH, and they should already have it.

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Only won 3 at 228 levels so far. IMO if you want a certain HE car that badly, just buy it from the AH.

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Level 336. All released HE cars, have some duplicates bought from the auction house (Two Minis because of reasons of Deep Water), and ya know, I probably wouldn’t have them all if I wasn’t willing to spend a few million on extra wheelspins.