Online racing/playground games endless loading still not fixed? Steam

I’ve been checking out this issue every few months. Just a day ago i tried to do online racing but again got stuck in the initial loading screen where it shows off the car and the character for about 15 minutes and then after setting up the event again for another 10 minutes at least untill i quit the game. I’ve had the same thing happen during seasonal playground games in the past. And of course i’ve seen players even dropping out of the events, even if it eventually manages to load up.

Horizon 5 had the same issue when it released and they fixed it. But then how about this game? Is Horizon 4 being supported or not? Are you experiencing this on Xbox too? I would assume so but im not really too sure. And as far as i understand this has become an issue ever since the game was shipped to steam. That true?

The trial has always worked fine btw.



I’m having the same issue, eventually I just get disconnected or enough teammates/opponents get fed up with waiting and quit. It’s very frustrating because I’m still trying to get to level three to qualify of ranked matches… I came back to the game due to the impending delisting and the broken achievements that will come from it but I’m about to give up… it’s just not worth my time.


Im surprised this gas gotten 6 votes now. It’s been so long with this issue and now since the game is being delisted and this is the last festival playlist, its safe to say this is not going to get fixed.

Same problem here, posted about it in this thread: PSA: Possible fix for long loading times - Forza Horizon 4 / FH4 Discussion - Official Forza Community Forums

Really hoping for a fix before EOL. Especially before the final season starting end of July.