PSA: Possible fix for long loading times

Disabling communication with other Xbox members in account settings disables in-game voice chat, which apparently might be the cause of long loading times in FH4. I recommend doing that especially if you own the game on Steam

Hoping that dev team will notice this post and hopefully fix this bug, before End of Life support.

Freezing the game in Resource monitor for a few seconds sometimes also works.


Maybe you should ask Steam support about that

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Did not help in my case, although communication was already enabled. The game keeps in the scoreboard after the first race, or occasionally, it continues and is stuck in the “jumping to other players” loading screen. Really annoying. Haven’t made it past the first race of a series in team adventure.

Playing the steam version. Any other tips or tricks? Is support aware of it?

I think letting game to join Horizon Life or joining Horizon Life by yourself and then queueing to whatever adventure you want to play helps, just closed the game after 6 hours of playing and didn’t met any long loading sessions. Maybe I was lucky or it does work. As of forza support they’ll likely respond to you with an automated response like other bug/issue reports :\

Yesterday, I ran the game with admin privileges and, with a lot of patience, managed to complete a few Team Adventure sessions. However, we only had a maximum of three players, which I found odd. Other multiplayer modes, like the online session and Eliminator, work just fine. I’m still not sure if there’s something I can do client-side or if it’s an issue on their end.