Request for Long Loading Screens examples

Hey fellow racers, I see that one of the hot topics on the Troubleshooting Hub is the never-ending loading screens. To help the devs zero in on the issue, let’s collect some precise details. If you’re caught in this loading limbo, please share:

  • Your Loading Message: Which captivating message did you get? “Loading Event Data - Please Wait,” “Optimizing Shaders,” or some other gem?
  • Game Mode: What mode were you ambitiously hoping to enter? Driver’s Cup, Multiplayer, etc.
  • Duration: How many coffee breaks were you able to take during this time?
  • Specifics: Did the loading screen make its grand appearance while your monitor was actually on, or were you contemplating monitor-cide when you noticed it?

Feel free to upload memes, screenshots, or videos that capture these loading screens in their endless splendor. The more “data,” the merrier!

Upvote this topic and dump in your personal horror stories. The more we can share, the easier it’ll be to prove this isn’t a small hiccup, but an epic that rivals the Iliad and Odyssey combined.

Thanks for your “patience” and invaluable input!


“Optimizing Shaders”

Launching the game.

2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Happens on Every. Single. Launch.


Every single screen with a loading page can do so infinitely with no rhyme or reason.

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This, I’m scared that any loading screen could get stuck infinitely. Sometimes it happens when adjusting fuel and tyres just before a race, sometime it happens after you’ve completed a quali session and you’re being taken back to the lobby. Other times the game will simply crash without any rhyme or reason.