Ridiculous online loading times FH4

Trying to become ranked in the online free-for-all playlist. Taking 30mins+ loading between races and rewards. Im on PC running the game from an SSD with a 3080 and 12700kf. Never had anything like this in other games. Is this just online loading sucking or is there something aloof?

Is normal behavior… mean normal in FH4 they never fixed it. Use the search function

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I’d suggest using the team racing rather than free for all (always seems to load much quicker).

Had someone buy this to co-op with. I forgot how bad the online race play is on loading times between races. I thought it’d be fixed by now. It is ridiculous now I feel bad for having him buy it, even on sale!
Why can’t they fix this?

We need FH4 like FH5 for online!

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It’s not always that bad,but when it is its unuseable. Playground Games Challenge is usually the worst for it,i particularly like the occasions where it will make you wait up to 5 minutes with a frozen game and then kick you off if you don’t respond within 8seconds when it decides to wake back up

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