Online Championships

I love the online in this game, its great! Just have one suggestion! I feel as if for the online road trips, you should have 2 modes. The first being the leaderboard scoring with the xp, the way it is now. The second should be like the offline championships of scoring. 4 races in the class we all choose and 1st place gets 20pts and so on. You can have the racers race to the next event each time as is, and just give us the xp, but only score us on the points we get from where we place in the races. I have talked to many racers online and they agree with me too. Would be great if you could add the feature in somehow. Does anybody else like this idea?


Yes! Sometimes the leaderboard standing at the online road trip seems too random. Scoring first place in three events and ending up second or third at the end of it all is disappointing. One time I saw a guy burning out at spawn instead of racing to the destination and he ends up with 20k experience ahead of first place.

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Yes, I feel like it would be better the way offline championships are scored. That would make it much more interesting since you could place top 3 in all 3 races and know you have to take 1st to win the championships ya know?


The whole “You don’t have to win to win” thing with the xp reminds me of Driveclub lol.

Sorry I didnt play Driveclub. I dont mind the online like said, I just prefer the single player way online. That’d be great.

Yep nice idea.
At least, online road trip is working better than online free-roam or car meet. I waited like 20 min that someone start a race in online free-roam. Nobody did it. If ever someone start a race, it will just be one race and there is no class restriction before starting the race.
Yep this XP thing is not so good furthermore if you miss the first big road trip from previous hub to new one (and something like 8000XP)
if playground change his mind concerning points awarding, it would be even better.

I do agree it would be very nice to have this as an extra option. Or even to rebalance the xp as there are many issues right now. Clean racing bonus should be much higher and scores for drifting and burn outs should be nerfed.

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I agree

Is there anyway we can bring this up to the Devs? Or hopefully they’re working on it. I feel as if its not a big request and would make some of the online racing much more intriguing and interesting. Hope this happens, would turn the game from amazing, to perfect.

Points between races needs tweaking.
Way to many points racing to the next race.

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I agree.
This is my only flaw with the game.

I joined a championship the other night whilst 3rd race was in progress so I spent 3/4 mins smashing XP boards. I took part in the 4th race, came last but still won the championship by over 10,000 points.
Another time my friend placed first in every race, and came 4th overall. The current system does not work!

I agree man. The points need to be tweaked for that, and there should also be a second option where you just have the offline scoring mode implemented. And you race to the next event just for xp.

I agree with you. Ive won 3/4 events multiple times and still finished 2nd place. The guy that won finished last and every event but sat back and racked up skill points the whole time. I dont understand why they wouldnt just keep the offline championship standings for online. This is why ive decided to make a club and start having league races using the offline points system.

THe game is not just about being fast. It’s Fast, CLEAN, and with STYLE. One of three will not make the podium.