Online adventure - For new players

I started participating in online adventure just to get ranked after festival playlist. But after 2 weeks (I started only in Series 7 Winter) I’m kind of interested to get involve bit more. So I want to prepare cars so that I can compete decently without looking so bad in an unsuitable car.

So help me out with my basic guide to help prepare the suitable cars. Online adventure thread is 54 pages long so not easy to find some basic info needed.

Modes available (Ranked/Unranked)

  1. Team Games (Haven’t played a lot so still unranked, not really interested in this mode)
  2. Team Racing
  3. Free for all adventure (This is the mode I’m playing often)

Races available (Free for all / Team racing)

  1. Road racing - Available car class S2, S1 and A?
  2. Street racing - Available car class S2, S1 and A?
  3. Dirt racing - Available car class S1, A and B?
  4. Cross country - Available car class S1 and A?


  1. I remember seeing road racing and street racing. Is that correct? Or am I just confused and they are both same?
  2. Is there any other race modes than the 4 mentioned?
  3. Are they same for team racing and free for all adventure?
  4. What are the suggested cars for each race mode in each class?
  5. Can I say we need 2 cars, 1 for winter and 1 for all other seasons?

Also please point me to any basic guideline / post if exist…


1: Road racing and street racing are both tarmac only but different tracks.
2: in Dirt & Cross-Country you’ll encounter “Freeroam Rush” between the normal races. A Point-to-Point race without checkpoints.
3: Team Races and FFA use the same playlists.
4: List follows shortly
5: Dirt & Cross-Country can use the same cars in winter. For Road & Street Racing specialised winter cars are recommended.

Car list (the fastest ones and my favourites):
B-Class Dirt: Lancia Fulvia (centrifugal supercharger, rear-aero, AWD), Lancia Delta S4 (Group B mod, AWD)

A-Class Dirt: Bone Shaker (Rally tires, AWD), Holden Torana (Rally Tires, AWD)
A-Class Cross-Country: Chevrolet Colorado, Quartz Regalia Off-Road (Racing V8 swap), Ford Raptor '11 (V10 swap, centrifugal supercharger)
A-Class Road/Street: Bone Shaker (AWD), Shelby Daytona (V8 swap, centrifugal supercharger, AWD), Ford GT40 MkI (AWD)
A-Class tarmac winter: Bone Shaker (Rally tires, AWD)

S-Class Dirt: Porsche Cayman GTS (V10 swap, AWD, bodykit), Hoonigan RS200 (Rally engine swap), Ford Custom '32 (Rally tires)
S-Class Cross-Country: Toyota Baja (Racing V8 swap, AWD), Ram Rebel TRX (Racing V8 swap), Jaguar F-Pace (V8 swap, Rally-kit)
S-Class Road/Street: Bugatti EB110 SS, Porsche 911 (992) (AWD), Pagani Zonda C (AWD), Lamborghini Aventador SV
S-Class tarmac winter: Bugatti EB110 SS (Rally tires), Viper SRT '08 (Rally tires, AWD)

S2 Road/Street: Ferrari F50 GT (AWD), Ferrari FXX (Racing V12 swap, AWD), Pagani Zonda R (Racing V12 swap)
S2 tarmac winter: Lotus Elise GT1 (Rally tires, V10 swap, AWD), TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (Rally tires, AWD)


Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t have the Bone Shaker but rest I have. Will prepare some tunes as per the advise.

Based on your reply can I say for cross country we need only S1 and A, not S2?

Yes, Cross-Country is S1 & A only.

You lacking the Bone Shaker makes preparing A-class a lot tougher. It is the “Jack-of-all-Trades”-car for A-class.

I could help you by uploading all my tunes/builds for the mentionend cars when I’m home from work. I would consider myself a decent builder & tuner backed up by a decent amount of racing skill to evaluate which car works and which doesn’t.

I’ll look into cars to replace the Bone Shaker (this may take until tomorrow).

Do you have all the DLC-cars (car pass)? Just as an info from which pool of cars I can pick.

Wait, huh? No S2 for Cross Country? When did that happen?

Most recent update, and hopefully it happens to the other series as well.

Reported changes to online adventures in series 8 were as follows:

Online Adventure Championships have been updated:
S2 Class has been removed from Dirt Racing Championships.
B Class has been added to Dirt Racing Championships.
Freeroam Rush events have been removed from all Asphalt and Street Race Championships.
Collisions are disabled for the first 30 seconds of each race. This change also applies to Horizon Life PvP races.

I would mention Freeroam Rush, which is featured in Dirt/Cross Country series. All players have one starting line and one goal, with zero checkpoints in between, so all paths between them are valid, as long as they’re the fastest one.

Team games is its own thing, it works like the Seasonal Playground events if you played those. FFA is like Team Racing but without teams, you lose or win by yourself.

The cars that beat yours and everyone else’s. Keep in mind new cars get added to the game over the weeks, so the best car of yesterday may not be the best tomorrow.

Yeah, I came across this when I tried to get ranked in Series 7…

Sorry, I was supposed to ask if the modes are same for team racing and free for all adventure. Apparently yes!

All tunes should be uploaded.
For A-class winter I used the Nova FE.

No STM, TCS is recommended. Also I would highly advise to use manual transmission and shifting after the redline.

Thanks for the suggestions and sharing the tunes. Let me try them and see how that goes…

Yup, have everything…

I also added the Ford Roadster “Hula” as B-class Dirt car.

road races vs street races difference is Forza cars spawning in many turns

Road races are tracks with flags for checkpoints and walls on most turns for the wallriders. While street races have the flares and no walls. The street races are always at night and usually wet so have much less grip.

I feel like street scene adventure have changed from night only to sometimes evening(or maybe dawn I can’t tell) after the update, the visibility is better now.

Actually happened a number of months ago. 3 updates, maybe?

Thank you.

If theyre going to keep removing all aspects of off-roading, why are we even here? They already put out an all-asphalt game; its tedious and boring as h***.

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Since I already posted a list in here I think I just stick with it by adding new builds/tunes that work well in theirs respective classes/racing types.

  • Changed the '11 Raptor to centrifugal V8-engine which increases its top speed by ~20 km/h due to a better gear line-up with the stock gearbox. Now it’s up there with the fastest A-class off-roaders while still having aero parts installed.
  • Added the Plymouth Atomic Punk to A-class tarmac as AWD with the centrifugal V8-engine swap. On pace with the Bone Shaker and Shelby Daytona.
  • Added a very easy & stable R8 (new version) tarmac build for S-class. One of the fastest cars on handling tracks. Made a clip on my Xbox profile which shows its fantastic cornering precision.
  • Added a high-end Ferrari 599 GTO AWD build for S-class tarmac. Somewhat challenging but it pulls like hell (currently #2 on my test track only beaten by the broken Bugatti EB).

It’s just so much fun to think about new suitable cars and ways to make them work.

Edith: Plymouthed :wink:

Plymouth not pontiac :wink:

And one good car for a-class cross country new M-B x-class.

Thanks so much for all the replies, especially you Rayne SE. I’m building up my cars based on your suggestions and trying few tunes from you as well. Let’s see how I par with real people which sadly I didn’t try much until now…