Ok then my issues with FH4

I had totally missed the fact that collecting like/notlike was not allowed, sorry for that, thanks for those who shared their opinion, for sure, I can understand why, was obvious, I shouldn’t have missed that.

Ok so we are good to share issues

I come from FH3, I love the open world of FH, fact that we are not restricted to circuits like on motorsport and have the possibility to see trees from very close( yeah cool as long as not too close :slight_smile: ) , go through the country side, through town streets if we wish so, go high speed with no risk to actually kill someone or ourself in an open world.

After having done the demo of FH4, I was already prepared with the forthorizon or horinite thing, ok, kids may enjoy it, ok, I can cope with it/ignore it.

I have like 20 questions/issues but 3 are top of the list,
Top1 : where/what is the online mode where gamers have to play clean to win ?
Top2 : how to deactivate intermediate race ?
Top3 : how to deactivate team for online adventure ?
and if it is not too much to ask I dare a forth one , how to play online only in S1 ? or only in A ? how to skip S2 ? Yeah I know 3 questions there … ok ok … :slight_smile: