oh why oh why turn 10

why have you destroyed the game foza 4 was amazing then i come on to forza 5 and its pants you have got rid of all the best parts of the game all the things in forza 4 should of been improved not removed cmon there’s no more clubs no gifting no sharing unlocked decal designs sharing paints or tunes you have to search for everything .?? these are the things that people liked on fm4 and you v kicked all the forza fans in the face with this excuse of a game im utterly disappointed in this game…

a fix needs to be made patch it up before project cars comes out cus after what iv seen and played on project cars forza don’t stand a chance against it you will loose loyal followers hand over fist

that’s my penny’s worth and i cant be the first one who has brought this up but will you listen probably not…

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Thank you for your feedback.

You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com

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