My rant about Turn 10 & Forza

Ok, I need to get this off my chest. The more I play Forza 5 the more I feel the need to put this out there.

Turn 10 has a serious problem. Every single game they release is worse than the one before it. Every time a new game comes out, the only changes are (sort-of) improved graphics, and important features removed. It seems that they have a thing with removing important, good and popular features (e.g. Auction House, Marketplace, certain multiplayer features) and never adding something to compensate for it. No, new cars don’t count as compensation for removal of the entire marketplace. How they can call these “sequels” is beyond me.

Playing Forza 5 and seeing this is making me regret buying an Xbox One.

Along with removing too many features, some things that desperately need to be updated haven’t been in years. For example, wheel selection. We have had the same set of wheels to choose from since Forza 2 (with some being removed, for no reason) and none have been added. It’s probably not a problem to most but to people like me, where building the car is 95% of the game, it’s is annoying as hell.

I’m sick of buying these so-called “sequels”, and it end up being a lesser game than the one before it. The only reason I still do is because of the driving, which is top notch (I’ll give you that, T10).

Tell me I’m not the only one here…

P.S. I won’t be surprised when I get banned for this post, T10’s second problem is they can’t ever take feedback from their customers…

TL;DR - Just forzing read it.


You’re not alone brother. I really feel this game was pushed out for launch by MS. Between them not having a Dev kit till probably mid development and meeting the launch window stuff was bound to be left out.

Forza is a work in progress now. Its like building up from forza 1. I said I wouldn’t buy till FM6 due to what I heard but I was itching for it.

This like auction house and storefront not being present is extremely disappointing, extremely.

And you’re right on about the rims. What is that about! Every stinking iteration has the same stuff!


You forgot to mention the improved physics, sound, laser-scanned tracks, re moddeled cars, rivals mode.
The storefront and auction house were a problem for hackers. I will agree the current FM5 system is broken. But its not a game breaker in my opinion.


Yes, so many great tracks including Monza and Road America which they were holding out/held out from us.

Tell that to the “brand new” 1970 model. They need to take a page out of Driver San Francisco for that car. SF had it perfect!

Believe me, most people don’t have the time for hacking and such. Those who did were promptly banned.

When you paint to make money and noobish Monster designs are the popular ones, were getting kind of close.

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What tracks are laser scanned?

As a die hard gamer my two cents go like this…I haven’t played forza since part 1 so in turn I guess I really don’t know what’s missing… I will say I love this game with a passion!! I got over 230 hours in it and the only other game that had me this hooked was c.o.d. With that said I bought forza bf4 and ghost at launch…oh and just picked up Titan fall, all four games installed - forza 230+ hours the other three prolly 3 hours combined. W/Titan at 0 hrs. Tuning rivals and circuit racing along with all the events are plenty good for me. But like I said just my two cents.


Yes, Forza 2 was the best IMO. I don’t like spending all night trying to tune a car (BRZ) in C class for hours only to have it beat by a Merc190 that I did an auto upgrade on. Tuning is a joke in this version! It was always a trick, but in past versions you could download setups and learn from other people. It a choice, Forza has supported the people who would rather gather their nuts in a corner and not share. Too afraid the general community might learn something. No I can’t join a car club and spend endless hours to figure out the game…I have a job.

Graphics are not as impressive as I thought they would be since I was thinking MS would use Forza to show why you should buy X1. And Call of Duty Ghost is a complete disaster…guess they are trying to push us to Titanfall.

Game is fixable, but there is a lot more money to be made on those crappy apps everyone is putting out. People complain about paying 60 dollars for Forza yet there are people spending more on apps a monkey could write.

Member since 2006, another thing Forza can’t get right.

I agree they could’ve put more inna game than they did, but methinks you’re being overly harsh.

I’m with you 100% on rims and body kits though, and will add this to the list: tire smoke effects. It blows my mind that they’re still using the “puffball” effect, first seen way back in Gran Turismo 1. THAT WAS 1997!!! COME ON!!!

Sidenote, @ Ace Ventura: If Road America was a “holdout”, and not simply “not ready at launch”, why’d they give it away for free?

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Considering the amount of bad press the game was receiving all over social media & here at the time i’d like to think they gave that to us for free, along with the Honda pack, to appease those who were unhappy with the game for a short time as the negativity was overwhelming & didn’t look good one bit to anyone seeing the franchise for the 1st time. If the game was all ok, free from glitches & faults & had more content to begin with i’m in no doubt that they would not have been free but thats just my own opinion.
As far as the lauded physics & “newly modelled” cars, physics wise i’m seeing many faults, certain cars just dont behave as they should, prime example being the McLaren being used in this months Bounty Hunter…seriously if thats how a super car handles on a track i’d be scared to take it out for a simple drive down the road, same goes for the P1’s handling on the game. After seeing that thing get torn to shred’s by several car reviewers/mags at Yas Marina recently, with & without TCS engaged, you just couldn’t do that on Forza with the car in its stock trim, thing is all over the place & the tyres feel like they’re made of soap. The Acura Integra RSX, i owned a DC5 Type R for 4 years, took it to Oulton Park for a track days, knew how it handled & what its limits were, now i appreciate the game doesn’t have the Type R but even with mods added to get it upto spec it just cant do the things a normal car can, again like the McLaren, getting understeer at 50-60mph rd 90-180 degree corners just isn’t realistic, i can throw my current 1.1 206 rd corners quicker.
Newly modelled cars, a subject that got brought up a lot whenever anyone said there wasn’t enough on 5 & this was the reason, it takes time to re-do them all…it does if you go to the trouble of adding all the mistakes from previous games including unpaintable parts that have even been brought back from FM2 & 3, now thats dedication. Just not sure on that one, i see a lot a familiaralities on these “new” cars & some things that have reared their ugly heads from previous games (AE86 paint glitch for one, all ok on 4 now back to the unpaintable lower half that went back to Forza 1) so do i think they were all done from scratch…not all of them imo but only T10 can answer that & as the devs dont speak to their community about that sort of thing i guess we’ll never know & it will always be a matter of opinion.
I’ve really tried to enjoy this game & pick out positives (extra layers in the paint editor & photomode are great aside from previously mentioned glitches) but all in all i’m not having a good experience with 5. Loved the franchise since day 1 & i still play 4 now when i miss the japanese tracks & absent Hondas too much but the recent 2 week sabatical i was forced to take from the game due to the syncing fault didn’t help me get on with it any better either. Multiplayer just seems empty now as does all the community features that we had before, even painting which takes up the majority of my time full stop, just isn’t worth going to town with anymore. The sharing process once its done just doesn’t make you feel connected with the community & appreciated, some of these paintjobs the regulars do on here take weeks but its forgotten about the second its done & shared, people choose it, give it a like & thats it, you just dont know where you’re upto with it & how its doing.
I’m sure down the line it’ll be back upto the levels of Forza 4 but if this is how its going to be, a constant rehash of the old content that we are expected to pay for as DLC evertime a new system comes along, it’s pretty clear what will happen. By the time we get to Forza 8, should it get that far, a new system will come along & the whole “we have to start from scratch” process will start again, fortunately for T10 most that will have remembered that will be long gone so there wont be as many to argue the point.
I finally got my profile back working the other day & i would’ve thought after 2 weeks without it i would’ve been all over it but 5 laps of skidding about chasing Mechbergs time in the Bounty Hunter had me back on Battlefield 4 in 20 short minutes…just about sums the game up for me at the moment, no replay value in it anymore & i’m gutted about that.


(After a paragraph hit enter so it’s easier to read)

Possibly the best post i have read on here. The McLaren bounty really hit home for me on how bad the physics engine really is… My 2.0TDCI Astra could go round SPA better than what T10’s Mclaren does…Infact im confident my very first car a Vauxhall Nova 1.4SRI could go round SPA better than T10’s Mclaren MP12-4C…How did it get so wrong? CALGON?

Im with you…Ive really enjoyed the game but so much feels so wrong that im left scratching my head.

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I think the next forza will be everything we want, we just have to wait

You are probably right, I hope Project Cars will be as good as it looks because then T-10 have to do it right next time if they want to survive.

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Project cars looks tasty, but i think asseto corsa maybe the one to watch out for

AC will be the new king of sims when released fully.


Two different style games. Enough room for both of them. Even if PCars is the most incredible racer when released still plenty of space in the market for Forza.

PCars is all about serious racing with carefully selected race cars around tons of real life tracks with rules. Forza is more in line with Gran Turismo with hundreds upon hundreds of road cars racing on real tracks but alot less serious with no rules.

No doubt the next Forza will be incredible. Jut comparing the early XB360 games to the latest releases shows that the devs will use and abuse every bit of power they can get from the console as they learn it :-p

The reality check of “in game purchases” may seem harsh but the AH and Marketplace aren’t coming back. We’ve been out-smarted guys. They realized ( because it’s already so clearly proven statistically ) that instead of a handful of talented and dedicated tuners and painters making in game money they could change the in game economy so that they make the money. Only it’s real money spent on credits that turns into profits. I can’t even blame them for making the change. From a business standpoint; it’s a no brainier.
Do I like the way it is now and probably will be for quite a while? Yes and no. Everything comes with pros and cons. Everyone gets to chose if the good outweighs the bad. Although I think we should have gotten a little more; F5 is an incredible game with great graphics and game physics.

I’d love to see them fix/find a way to get the better artwork and tunes to show up when in the game.


The lack of Gifting is a huge oversight in my opinion. That’s the only thing that REALLY grates me about this game. If I make a paint, I want the option to share it with my club mates without the whole Forza planet having it too, same with tunes.

Agreed…huge misstep leaving this out.


Well, it is but it isn’t. One thing I like about it as a painter is that it shows really who can do what. That being said, I do miss it.

Someone else answered this for me, so I don’t want to reiterate. I love Forza 5. That being said I recognize it’s obvious flaws. I agree with you on the rims. NFS Shift 2 had the best selection in a game to date. Hell GTA5’s selection of fictional rims still manages to include deep dish BBS rims. Oh well.

I also feel like they did away with a lot of cars that were staples of racing history. They kept some hatchback Alfa’s. An array of boring “Wall Street” type Saloons, yet they cut some cars that were hugely renowned and have such history. They bring in Bathurst but take out the '77 XB Falcon, they bring in Spa but take out both the Bimmer 635 CSI and the 3.0 CSL. They dropped the Pantera which was huge in Gr.4 and hillclimb and they got rid of the old (60’s) Plymouth 'Cuda, which was sold all over the world, even in South Africa, albeit under a different name.

I was hoping to see more appropriate cars. My vision of Forza 5 had me racing a '77 XB against a Holden Torana on Bathurst, it had me racing around Laguna Seca in a 1970 'Cuda, (Why they insist on giving us the less popular and uglier '71 is beyond me.) and lastly had me running laps around Spa in a 635 CSI.

It’s not that I don’t like this game, because I love it. I have logged way more time than I should on the game, I just was hoping for better.

Cheers, Ace