My rant about Turn 10 & Forza

Couldn’t have put it better my self bro well said. It’s the same game over n over ,we need more veriaty , i agree n more tunning ,and more parts to swap ,I also play this for builds not just driving.this game is a great demo lol

I agree with everything that has been said. There’s a lot of improvements to the game but more set backs than any. No new wheels, engine swaps sucks, under powered cars with twin turbos “supra, vette, ford gt, 13 gt500 & etc”. All of those are easily 1100flwhp cars. C6 Z06, G8 GXP, 08 Pontiac GTO, CTS-V sedan, C63 AMG sedan, just to name a few. Last but not least, supercharger sounds on the old muscle cars are garbage. Can say that slicks are actually useful in this one and the cars performance and handling are great.

Having bought into the whole xbox one thing from day 1 , I have clocked up plenty of hours on FM5.

The in-game play, graphics and sound are tour de force. Beautiful.

The pointlessly updated home screens are okay but are they really any improvement on FM4? Home garage and showroom are poorly constructed. Paint booth still has glitches despite the five star, laser scanned cars. In addition the vinyl layers randomly become invisible and/or the screen locks. Pressing the joysticks to change view is really awkward due, I think, to the shape of the new controller.

I can see why T10 dropped the auction house and storefront, although I disagree. It’s my opinion, and I stress my opinion, that doing so was the lazy, cheap way to fix the issue. Hackers will get at the game no matter what. Hackers seem to get into most everything else.

A huge amount of pleasure for myself and my friends was having our in game club. That’s gone too. No gifting or open sharing with my mates. I used to help develop our tunes but as we can’t toss the car back and forth I no longer get involved. As someone who sold many thousands (and I do mean thousands) of built, tuned and fully painted cars for cheap prices in the AH around half of my FM pleasure is gone. I am not alone, painters seem to have largely deserted FM. I find this very sad.

Where T10 decides to go next will decide whether I continue with the franchise.


I think FM5 is a good base to work from. Some of the stuff is missing but whats left is solid. Graphics…thought they were good in FM but having seen the Snowdrop engine and Division

the glitches in tag-virus test track fix that first and give us a new track like TOP GEAR we get so bored on the test track
and maybe we dont have each room full with glitchers they ruin the game for the real players!!!
and let us create private lobbies that are joinable like in forza 4 , but that the host can throw out glitchers
this glitching is killing me and the game it was ment to be. i dont understand turn10 wont fix this sooner the should know about their game?

same as i tag-virus people glitch out of the map .
so all ingame players gotta wait for the glitcher to come back in map to get tagged
but all people in lobby waiting long times and can’t see that there are ingame glitchers .
so they wont know nothing at that point . firstwe had the thing with small cars between containersnow we got glitchers
who are ruining the game.
forza and turn10 PLEASE FIX THIS QUICK !!!

market place
car clubs
sharing cars with friends in club garage

and so on .

i would except the slow fixing of the auction house and s car clubs and so on , if the rest would work without no problems but like you can read that doesnt do either
so each time i put a lot of money in forza titles like buying vip , all car packs and all other stuff i can buy like tokens and avatar stuff,
and from the beginning of the release a lot of things wont work i bought tokens and a week later everything is half prize . no compensation
turn10 please fix forza 5 to stay in front of Gran Turismo on ps4. i started on ps2 with gran turismo all versions . bought an xbox and started forza and never stopped playing but know it is ruining my fun to play with all crap going on so please help me out and fix this game starting with the glitches !!!

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Maybe T-10 should leave the racing ambitions to PCars and develop Horizon themselves to a car lover game on open roads instead ?

Ive come to the conclusion that this game has totally and utterly ruined turn 10s credibility. I tried to have faith that they were telling the truth with many of their statements, but it just doesn’t add up in my head. Some how almost every feature missing had to do with the players earning money, and what feature do they add instead insanely expensive microtransactions. They take out 300 cars and 10 tracks and they say its because of making things from the ground up but like others have said many times they redesigned all the inaccuracies from past games, what a coincidence. The car pass which in forza 4 was $30 is now $50 for the same amount of cars most of which were in past games and some that were already dlc. Now I know its a new console and I know from a business standpoint the user base is small so they have to make money any way they can. These design choices could be slightly understandable if looked at by itself but when you take forza horizon in to account this is the future of forza games less content and more expensive dlc. Forza 6 will have 300 cars and 20 tracks to make people feel as though it’s an upgrade to 5 when in reality its a way to keep making people buy the car pass because theyll always keep the more desirable cars for dlc, how could they put the La Ferrari and Veyron into dlc its just ridiculous. Im happy that their plan has backfired and people forced them to change things within a week of the game releasing, it also forced their hand with giving road america for free when it was definitely supposed to be a part of the super pass which mysteriously disappeared. I hope they still feel guilty when they release nurburgring. I don’t know this is all my opinion I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

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It’s unfortunate to see Turn 10’s great work go un-noticed. All I see in these forums are “They left out this” or “They got this wrong.” It’s a launch title guys, so ease up. Am I the only one that is actually impressed by Forza 5? As I mentioned before, I am no stranger to racing. Many users on these forums know me and some of them have met me IRL (I competed at the Nurburgring and met an American spectator who noticed my gamertag, which happens to be my nickname, on my car.) I’ve also instructed fresh racers around a handful of US tracks, mostly West Coast. Forza’s physics in the past has always received criticisms by me, which is why I wasn’t expecting much from FM5. Boy was I wrong. When using a wheel, it has the best FFB on console, for sure, and very close to some PC sims. The way the car shifts weight and how torque translates to rubber on tarmac is amazing. There are still many flaws, but like I said, for a launch title this is incredible. I, for one, am definitely going to pre-order FM6 the moment it gets announced, because FM5 just blew me away. It’s still a game, so it’s not perfect, but the most important factor of what makes a game is the shining star of the Forza franchise: FUN. iRacing, GTR, not even pCars can match the amount of fun I have tuning and foolin’ around with cars in FM5.

So ease up on FM5 guys. Try to see all of its achievement before you criticize its shortcomings. I’m sure T10 will deliver bigger and better things once they got proper grip around all this next-gen stuff.

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It’s exactly the opposite, the great work is in the graphics & i have noticed it but thats it imo, nothing else really sticks out once you’ve played it for a while & thats what stands out above all else. I get no replay value from it, most of the cars are comical in their stock handling characteristics when used with the TX Wheel (never raced but have done plenty of trackdays irl), all the community features that made previous Forza’s fun for me have gone so i dont know what else to do with the game to get that feeling back.
The only bit of extended fun i’ve had so far was one race i had with the guys over at Virtual Motorsport but that was over 3 weeks ago & since then i’ve been forced to take a 2 week break while my profile went walkabout & i couldn’t access the game.
Its been a major letdown for me, too many faults & glitches that aren’t being addressed in favour of getting DLC out on time & getting the money in 1st & that is another thing which has spoilt the whole experience. If i would’ve seen new cars introduced to the series from now on then fair enough but being asked to pay for old cars that were standard fare previously is not on & i’m not having the “they’re all built from the ground up” schpiel as an excuse for that. I see old bugs from old versions on these “new” cars so how did that happen & where’s the forzavista for every car we were promised? Not so brand new imo.
Top that all off with finding out recently that a T10 sponsored painting comp in association with Falken Tires was rigged after many of us had spent weeks doing paintjobs thinking we were in with a genuine shout was bang out of order. But no-one from the community team seems bothered by it & the representative from Falken who let it slip certainly wasn’t shy about letting us know how things are done in the world of corporate competition so there’s something else i’ll never bother with again.
All adds up to a very negative experience so far but i promise you if i find some continued avenue of fun anywhere within the game that keeps me on it for more than an hour i’ll let you know but i dont see it happening myself while the game is in its current state. I know it certainly wont fill the gap between now & the next version appearing & that’ll be a 1st.


I’m not a huge fan of the physics while using a controller. The most disappointing thing to me is the lack of an Auction House, and Storefront. I’m a painter and a tuner, and while I still enjoy doing said things, it just feels pointless now. I don’t hate this game, but I don’t love it either.

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It’s sad to see what has become of my beloved Forza. So many great cars, tracks and features left out because of MS’s greed and insistence that forza 5 be a launch title for the disastrous Bone.
I hope Forza 6 is all that it can be, with the SF, AH, cars, tracks and missing features back were they belong.
Good luck T10, you’re gonna need it.

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Hello everyone.
First time poster, lurker for some time, in love with Forza since FM1, now replaying FM2 and FM3. Don’t expect much input from me, as I lack time and like long, time consuming games.
I would like to add another small gripe about FM5 (aside from MS regarding logging in, language settings and few others).
Whose great idea was disallowing tuning before the race? Right now, after one race (I will pass over AI now), that [Mod Edit - profanity - DE] about next track (I live in Germany and I’m not really fond of using German in my house), game loads and it’s Yas Marina, on witch my Catheram’s short gears are no use. So I have to leave the race (loading), adjust the gears, then continue to YM race, only to hear that dumb yadda, yadda in German and “nice” music again, just to continue racing in the series. In short 15 minutes of wasted time, in witch I was able to finish basic tournament in GT1 or one lap on Nurburgring in FM3 (another missed feature, sadly in FM4 as well) or run through 10 floors in Disgaea.
Lack of one stupid options, which means big waste of time to me.

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I agree with almost everyone here, except for the “forza 6” parts. Half of us can’t wait for another year + for another game. Instead of hoping for forza 6 to be better, which I’m sure it will, lets hope they update the game itself to be as good as we want it to be. A lot of companies I’ve realized have begun to leave things out I swear on purpose, to only put them into a sequel and act like its a favor (not Turn 10, i literally mean other companies).

Do not worry friends…The patch we’re waiting for will be called Forza Motorsport 6, due october 2015.

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Lol, I swear everyones forgetting thats almost two years away.


You really think anyone is going to wait for Forza 6…lol…After all the lies and tunnel vision from Turn 10 n Forza team…its not gonna happen they had there chance and blew it …no one plays it anymore FACT its sealed its own fate,who is gonna wait for 2 years and be sold the same game as Forza 5 but with a few add ons and none of the actual real problems fixed…
I quote “in 1 year this will be a totally different game” well 5 months later and nothing has been fixed so i would suggest that they dont really listen…well all good things have to come to an end ,its a shame cus it could have been great really great …


The mclaren does feel amazingly bad for a supercar, awful actually. I think turn 10s gameplay and graphics are fantastic, and to be honest that’s what really matters, although I’m still shaky on the physics engine…

Having said that…

The game is fundamentally broken…

  • The kick button… Like seriously. This is ridiculous.
  • Not having open custom public lobbies, I’m constantly being wrecked in public lobbies.
  • No clubs, the social aspect is so important in gaming these days it’s what keeps people playing.
  • No storefront, I don’t care about the auction house to be honest, but the storefront was sooooo much better, why would you take it out.
  • Gifting, come on.
  • The ability to set up leagues in the game with notifications and reminders.

I’m also very disappointed in the lack of features, and I’m hoping we will atleast get some of these things back, and soon. I have a feeling people are going to stop playing the game if we don’t get these social aspects.

I’m getting alittle off-topic soo, I’ll end here.


One more thing though, most of all, is the lack of response from the Turn 10 team. I just want to hear a confirmation on most things thats all.

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I remember all the [Mod Edit - “masking” profanity neither masks it, not makes it acceptable - DE] Che Chou was given as community manager, guy was mocked all over the place…Still, he is responsible for the foundations of most of what we use today community wise and some of the concepts he came up with were/are great (Remember the pitpass podcast? I loved those, he created the pitpass report too…). Anyway, it’s a different Turn 10 today.

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I think a lot of early painters may be discouraged by the lack of rewards for it, in both the market and the Achievements. With a few hundred users’ races on my various shared tunes, I’m 98% toward Artisan Tuner; with a couple hundred races on my shared paints, I’ve gotten scores of “freelance status” but never an actual payout.

But I’ve long felt the whole painting thing in FM and Horizon was intended as a rare reward for the select few who do the work of learning and using Forza’s uniquely difficult graphics applet… and re-creating in each version, since nothing seems to be portable… not for the unwashed masses who just put in 80 or 90 hours to do a couple dozen cars and call it good.

That said, though, I’ve spent a little more on Horizon than on FM5, and to my surprise I’ve enjoyed FM5 a lot more.