Offline info fh5

Hey all

Have been down with forza since og xbox

Really enjoy motorsport and horizon games. Always never disappoint till now.

Recently got fh5, bought standard disc version
I’m still running xbox one the case has xbox one and series x compatiable.

Upon putting it in my machine it installed only about 20gb thought was a bit small file for open world game. Upon launching the game. It comes up with needs a 97gb update. Not having net. I cant even play it.

I did research before purchasing as I usually do. But being a new game all google was saying was it could be played offline. No mention of downloading 3/4 of game even if own disc

Can someone confirm this is correct?
Also do series x users get shafted like this too?

I mean fh3 fh4 I bought disc version popped in could play base game without updates.

If they are going to change things up could they let us know.

I mean if I only get 16 percent (20gb of 120gb)of the game on the disc shouldn’t I only pay 16 percent of the total price.

Also if net required please print on front in big writing like other games do. For example friday the 13th game.

Kinda defeats the purpose of having a disc really?

Mean just finish the game before releasing then grumpy old people like me won’t complain.

Why does gaming industry continue to do this and even more these days.

Just like paying money to a mechanic to do engine swap on your car. Gives it back to you in pieces and not done. And says you finish it thanks for the money though. They couldn’t do that so why can gaming industry do it?

We as consumers shouldn’t put up with it !


It’s the way of the future twitch way of the future

Did contact turn 10 and playground and xbox via email no response apart from automated game makers told me to contact xbox and xbox told me to contact game creators. That old circle chestnut :roll_eyes: where it’s no ones problem but mine.

I guess I’ll just do a burnout on the disc with my car all it’s good for…



So in conclusion xbox one users dont even get base game on disc only installs 20gb plus requires 100gb download before even able to be played offline single player when purchasing standard disc version? Can anyone confirm please.

Also series x users do they get shafted like this too? Do they get base game on disc as with previous forza horizon titles on xbox one (fh3 and 4) and playable after installation with no download required unless playing online?

Hopefully if confirmed… this will help others in same boat before wasting money on game they cant play.

It appears to be the new microsoft new trend
To save them money at the cost of consumers
With “unsmart delivery”

As looked into new halo infinite game. Same thing game disc contains small portion and drm ( license) game is uninstallable and unplayable offline even with disc version. apparently requiring internet to install 3/4 of game. Calling microsoft and asking them this they said they couldnt answer (if they dont know how is consumer going to know?)upto game developers and game developers tell you to contact xbox. Nobody problem but consumers???

So this means if xbox servers go down or the future whenthese games are old and they shut servers down. Even if purchased disc cant play them.

Atleast a small google turned up results for halo but nothing about this at the time of me phrchasing fh5.

Also have read need net to setup new gen consoles with net. like xbox one was a brick straight from box until net connected.

Thanks for everyones help on this forum :expressionless::+1:

I dont know i maybe crazy but isnt the definition of playable offline. You buy the disc put it in the machine and play it with no internet?or has that definition now been changed in the dictionary by microsoft?

At least ps4 and ps5 have seperate discs.

Goodbye team xbox :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
:eggplant::peach: i wont be bending over like everyine else sorry.

Offline play only means that you can play the game offline after the complete installation, not that you don’t need an internet connection to install the game at all. Unlike other games like the crew 2 for example, where you can only play if you have a online connection, Forza Horizon 5 has a Single Player modus where you do not need a internet connection at all. It is just for the installation and the monthly updates to get the new cars and story modes and of course patches to make the game playable at last.

As stated before

Fh3 fh4 was not like this put disc in install and play offline
If were going to change things up how about letting us know.

As do research before buying games all that was giving was playable offline nothing about downloading 3/4 of game and having nothing on disc.

This will effect everyone if there servers go down or shutdown at a later date when these consoles are old and you want to play an old game again?obsolete and disposable.

If all new games are going to be like this whats the point of paying $250 extra for a disc drive series x? Download 100gb oh dear hard drive fails lets download again.

And many other games print requires internet on front cover
Can you post pics on here?

Inserts pic of fh5 cover and friday the 13th cover
Fh5 no requires internet on front
Friday the 13th requires internet in bold letters on front cover at the bottom like many other internet data sucking games.

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If getting 10 percent of game on disc shouldnt disc be 10 percent of the final price. 10percent of work means 10 percent of the pay. True for any other industry. Why is the gaming industry any different?

Ok you take your car to mechanic for a engine upgrade/rebuild you pay in advance (because thats how xbox /microsoft works) gives car back to you in pieces and not finished pieces everywhere. And says you gotta use your own tools and resources. Would you be happy doing the rest of the work yourself and using extra resources at your cost. And smile, thank and let mechanic (microsoft/xbox/gaming companies -who evers brillant idea it was) keep 100 percent of what you paid them?

In our country thats kinda illegal :rofl:

I don’t know how a cheaper price tag would solve your problem here. And you bought the full game as you could downlad the missing parts for free if you had internet (we leave out the fees for this at our equation).

It would not make any sense to sell the game on disc for 10-15% of the full price and charging the rest if you download it… Btw wasn’t there a FM4 lite version like that? Where just get some kind of demo or shareware version of the full game and could buy the additional content to complete the game through the Xbox store?

So if you cannot install the game, why don’t you just give it back? Or have you used any register key there already? To be fair I only have some Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles on disc and mostly of them have no registration key - and the ones that have some use them for bonus content.