Offline and free play options in Motorsport 2023?

Will Motorsport 2023 allow us to play offline? Also, will there be a free play or quick race option outside of career mode, where we can simply choose a track location, and a car, perhaps choose a weather condition
and time of day, then play a race?


Free Play will definitely be in, but they didn’t show any footage of it. Which makes me assume they’ve done nothing new with it :roll_eyes:

You didn’t miss much - they didn’t talk about it at all.

I’m assuming setting things up will be just like previous games as far as races go. I’m also not expecting that they’ll make any exception for Free Play regarding CarPG. Everyone’s going to be stuck with it.


Yeah, like Clutch said they literally didn’t say anything about it. Which sucks as that’s what I use to play 95% of the time. Keep your expectations low, unfortunately. It will probably just be a port from FM7. (At least at launch)

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Ah come on, guys.
Please stop being so pre-judged.

Esaki answered my question in one of the interviews (july?) regarding offline play.
He said that everything what needs a save will be forced online (for du** reasons).
And he mentioned free play will be playable offline.

What does that mean?
It should mean: Free Play doesn’t need a save.

And what needs a save? Right! CarPG.

That SHOULD mean: Free Play is free of that insert word here system.

And the price of that bargain with Dormammu will be a complete and total lack of upgrading or tuning at all. Oh, you’ll be able to use your Builder’s Cup CarPG mode cars or tunes in free play if you’re online, but there won’t be any reciprocation because you won’t own the cars. You’ll just be “renting” them.


I see that completely different.
I’m a console gamer, I don’t care if PC players ruin there own game with cheats.

Just give me the option to disable cross save and cross play, so I don’t have to sacrifice an always working game, reliable on servers, wich can be failing any time and making the game unplayable some time in the future.


All that mean nothing to me.
I play as less PvP in the next FM as possible, because I hate it.

Everything is worse: Way longer load/connection times, waiting in the lobby, not able to exactly choose what you wanna do, annoying people screaming/singing/eating in there mic (and of course there will be no option to mute all players in general) and then getting (intentionally or not) crashed into the first corner.

No. I stick to PvE.
People will find ways to cheat on the leaderboards, within races and so on.
If one gets banned, another kid shows up and does the same.

This will not stop by forcing everything to be online.
And I don’t believe thats the real reason this happens.
Its the greed for more control, more data. A way to get you to do what they want you to do, not what you wanna do.


Or maybe, will the freeplay help to gain car xp? or is that only in builder cup/multiplayer?

Get a headphone set that has separate game and chat volume, and you can silence the people that way

When you play offline no data can be achieved.

But that was not really my point, having control about literally everything you do, it is.
I simply want unlimited access at any time to any game I buy.
As it always was.
I don’t see benefit in giving that up, just because some kids wanna cheat to push there little egos.

We will see how you guys see it, when the first server outage happens and you literally can’t play a whole weekend, because the servers are down.


Thats just false.
You just have PC in mind.
There is no online check on console.
I could go offline and could play most of my games as long as my console works.
Could even not only go in “offline”-mode, I literally could pull the plug.

How can they get data from a console wich isn’t connected to the internet?

Not sure, if you are just uninformed and want to be right or just straight up lying, but this is not true.
It is not possible to use a Xbox Series X without never being connected, but if you set up everything and downloaded everything you needed, you can pull the plug and never go back online with it.

I know that, because I wouldn’t be a customer otherwise.

And yes, in reality thats not practical anymore and not even I do that.
But I want the option, simply for game preservation.
FM will be dead, if T10 decides to not support it any longer.
Look at previous FM games. Not supported anymore, they don’t even fix server issues, because “legacy title”.
What do you think happens with this game then?

It’s just sad people don’t realise what they gave up the last 10 years or so.
It’s not far away anymore from a point, were the big publishers decide, whats available to play and whats not.


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I only know “danke”…

May be it’s already mentioned but want to know if we earn car points in freeplay also?

Only if you use a car from your garage. You can’t do that on a rental car.

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