Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 107

Welcome to the official weekly Forza Horizon 5 Livery Competition! This competition is open to all players.

This week is open to all design types.

This week’s deadline is 2024-03-22T03:00:00Z (Thursday night Pacific time).

Judging will be done by Forza staff and winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 27.


Use the Apply Vinyls & Decals menu in Forza Horizon 5 to create and Share a design in-game. We will consider all shared game liveries via one or both methods:

  1. New designs: When saving your design, enter the current code words in the Description field. This week’s code word for the description is LivRev107. All designs with this Description will be found in search and considered.

  2. Existing designs: Older or previously entered designs that do not come up in search will not be automatically considered entries; you must post them in this thread. You do not need to update the description in game. Be sure to include your gamertag and the Share Code of the design.

We encourage you to add photos of your design to this thread so others can see it, which will also help us show off the winners. An elevated 3/4 view of is usually best for showing off as much of the vehicle’s surfaces as possible in one shot, but feel free to focus on a specific section if it the centerpiece of your work. Also feel free to describe your inspiration or design process, as well as link to a gallery thread of your other work.


You may submit no more than three designs per week, with these caveats:

  • Winners from the previous week are ineligible to win this week.
  • Only one design per person will be eligible for selection among the five winners.
  • You may not submit entries with multiple gamertag accounts.
  • Users who share an excessive number of designs in a single week will be ineligible for the current week and the following week.
  • All submissions and comments must adhere to Forza Code of Conduct - Note: We have a stricter standard of appropriateness for content to be featured on Forza channels - we cannot declare winning entries that include: phone numbers (real or fictional); alcohol/tobacco names, logos, or usage; license plates with lettering that can be perceived as inappropriate; or entries from inappropriate gamertags, regardless of in-game enforcement status. Users who are found to use livery import tools on their entries will be ineligible from being selected as weekly competition winners.


  • The five winning liveries are featured in game for six months.
  • Winners may also be featured on our page.
  • The individual winners will receive a gift a car of the player’s choice, not including DLC or Accolade-only cars. Exclusives and Hard-to-Find cars can be chosen. Winners are required to DM me (T10ManteoMax) with their choice.
  • Your photo of your design may be shown during official Forza livestreams and potentially on other official Forza social channels.


This is my first tribute to Akira Toriyama.

Car: Lexus LC 500 (liberty walk body kit mandatory)
GT : enoo66
Sc: 101 794 232


May he Rest in peace


holy guacamole man thats a great one, instant win


Car: 2020 KTM X-BOW GT2
Name: Redbull
Sharecode: 101 464 106


Amazing work

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I’ve been entering this 40+ hour design unsuccessfully for like 2 months now. I would like to highlight that even just finding reference images for many of these stickers was a big challenge, let alone getting an appealing sticker composition on the car without exceeding the layer limit while retaining as much detail in the stickers as possible. To show the amount of work and detail, that has gone into every single vinyl used, I am displaying a selection of them along with the other pictures this time.

GT: NoDramaLama4909

Name: Hoonigan Stickers

Car: Hoonigan Cossie V2

SC: 655 953 610



For sure :pray:

Wow I didn’t realise you had that many different #43 stickers. You’ve definitely done insane job with all those stickers!


That s a lot of work , the most painful work for me… Making logos :rofl::rofl:
Awesome work mate :fire::ok_hand::clap:


Thx a lot, glad you like it :pray::pray:

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Thx a lot :pray::v:

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GT: ZKYU1907

Car: NISSAN DONUT MEDIA 350Z <> 2003

Livery Name: ÉDITION JDM

Sharecode: 418 722 889


Very nice tribute, I also started a livery in honor of the great Akira Toriyama. But it won’t be finished for several weeks. It is this great artist who allowed the arrival in France of the entire manga culture at the time, we owe him a lot. For my part, he allowed me to progress in drawing when I was younger, by copying his works. A big thank you to him for everything he gave us.


Thank you!! The #43s were the easier part tho, the hoonipig or the 3D Just Aint care, as well as many others that barely had any usable reference images, were a lot more challenging


thanks brother!

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Tu es aussi un enfant du club Dorothée a ce que je comprends donc :thinking::grin:
Il a clairement popularisé le genre en France :+1:

Peugeot 207 Super 2000 2007
Name: Cohete Suarez
Gamertag: MisterX74
Sharecode: 414 369 929


GT: SlowMotionFire
Livery: UNSC
Share Code: 134-888-682

GT: SlowMotionFire
Livery: 7-Eleven
Share Code: 123-821-226