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Hello everyone,

For Support, please visit
Our current hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 6:00am-3:00pm PST / 9am-6pm EST
Posting in the Forums is not submitting a ticket.

We have articles for Known Issues, Release Notes, Wheel Guide and more. You can also Submit a Ticket and one of our Community Support Agents will get back to you.
If you are submitting a ticket for a Known Issue, we will let you know. Current Known Issues are being investigated and/or fixed pending a new content update.

The time it takes to answer a ticket is dependent upon the following:

  • Ticket Type.
  • Volume of tickets we are currently receiving.
  • The complexity of the issue being investigated.

You should contact XBOX or Windows support regarding the following issues:

Thank you.


A quick reminder to current and new Forza players to check out the official Forza Support page, linked at the top of this site.

*Read through the Known Issues and other articles first; if you still need to submit a ticket you’ll find a link at the bottom of each article.
**Car Wish lists should be submitted to the pinned thread in this forum only, so they requests can be reviewed efficiently.

You can browse the site or Search to find helpful articles on various game topics, such as the Wheel User’s Guide. Check back regularly for new information, including game content update Release Notes.

You can also stay informed by following @Forza_Support, @Forzamotorsport, and @ForzaHorizon on Twitter, @Forza on Twitch channel, read announcements on the page or in the Forza Hub app, and watch #ForzaMonthly livestream replays where Forza’s developers discuss projects in the works.

The Forza Official server is a place for discussion, but all support issues should be directed to the Support site where they can be tracked by the official Support team.

And don’t forget to check out the News Discussion forum for Code of Conduct and forum FAQs, as well as the Community Events forum for official contest information and ideas.


Please view our community update on enforcement policies here.

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