Off-road/Rallycross Tracks

With all the trucks, SUVs and rally cars that have been added to the Motorsport series, I’d like to see dirt tracks added. Even as an expansion. I personally love off roading in the FH5 and to see it added to the new Motorsport game would be amazing. The race tracks look stunning in all of the games, I think it’s time for them to try out off road tracks.


Some of the rally cars that where in motorsports 7 felt wierd to drive on a normal road race layout. Sone dirt and rally race tracks would be uce to have. They could look at using some tracks from previous horizon titles and add them as rally race tracks


Track take a huge amount of time to develop so with 99% of the vehicles being road minded why make 1 track that will get boring in a week?

I’d sure love some off-road and rally tracks, stages, even, to be part of FM8, although I don’t see it happening at launch. Maybe in the far future, who knows? And besides, having off-road and rally racing in Motorsport would’ve been a game-changer and ground-breaking feature, had they actually gave a lot of thought about it.

I remember hearing rumors of FM7 having a planned, yet scrapped rallycross mode that was never spoken of publicly by Turn Ten.

Certain race tracks such as Catalunya, Brands Hatch, Yas Marina, Nurburgring, Hockenheimring, Silverstone and Spa have rallycross layouts, so adding in their rallycross layouts shouldn’t be a problem.

What is a real problem though, is that it would take a while to build new fictional, let alone, dedicated off-road and rally circuits from God forbid, from the ground up, as they would have to conceptualize it, imagine it, then build it if it were to be green-lit. Last I heard, it takes longer to build fictional tracks than real ones.

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