Off Road Danger Signs: Best Vehicle?

There are a few danger signs on my map, namely the One on the southern edge of the airfield and on just north of the surfers paradise hub (it jumps across the river) that I cannot seem to 3 star for the life of me.

I’ve maxed out my Rallyfighter, Tried the One:1 and the Regera, nothing seems to be able to get to speed and maintain air. Any tips?

Try a vehicle that has a decent top speed, and try to soften up your Springs up a bit.

I’ve had a decent success with the Ariel Nomad, love that thing.

very good this Ariel Nomad, when you switch it to AWD and fully upgrade it very good for air jumps

Surfers Paradise : I used Lambo Aventador with max upgrade here… And after tons of attempts give me 3 stars :smiley: I drive over 2 parks

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I’ll try putting more money into the nomad, it probably has a weight advantage on the Rallyfighter.

Agreed on the Nomad. I haven’t done much to mine and it flies already.

I’m kind of thinking these Danger Signs were a misstep. I’m not having any fun with them getting sweet air because half the time I’m trying to maneuver around the deliberately placed bumps in order to make them difficult. I’m also tired of dumping 75K into a car in the hopes it might be different. The speed zones and drift zones feel like it takes skill to do, the danger signs seem to take a fun idea like big air and turn them into a game of dumb luck and wasting money.


Sorry you feel that way but I really enjoy the thrill of it! It is something as a kid or an adult we always dreamed the " what if " knowing you could never forget it in real life. It is fun and I enjoy the thrill of competing fo longer jumps. If it gave you a road to a ramp everyone would take the fastest car and jump as far as the last person just did and the next one will do too. They would all basically be the same distance with the same jump… Boring!


at least for most of the danger signs I don’t come around a corner and meet traffic in one lane and a drivatar coming at me in the other lane, like most of the drift and speed zones seem to have…


You are not alone FortuneGT, those PR stunts are way, way, too hard.

What the developers need to do is have the targets vary with the difficulty setting so that the less skilled people running on a lower difficulty can still get the 3 stars, whilst those with the skills and on a higher difficulty get bigger targets to give them the challenge.

For example:

Danger sign = Surfers Park. 3 star target = 450. My best = 375 feet. I’m a long way off. My difficulty setting = Inexperienced. That’s 6 levels below Unbeatable. Surely it can be done so that the “New Driver” only gets a target of something like 320 then up in increments from there.
So far the best type of car for the jumps seems to be the Extreme Offroad type. I’m getting the furthest with them? But like a few others have said vehicles seem to have a nasty habit of pitching and rolling into a crash landing fail.

Drift Zone = Byron Suburbs. 3 star target = 80,000. My best = 75,854. Again adjust the target so New driver and Inexperienced get a lower target.

Speed traps are mighty hard and no matter how hard I try I seems to constantly pull up 5ish mph short of the 3 star target.

Not just the PR stunts either. Blizzard Mountain and HotWheels are also mighty hard. I’ve all but given up on trying to get any more done in the game.

The problem with this line of thinking is it opens the door for cheats. Unless there was also a way to mark a Beginners Three-Star vs an Expert Three-Star, droves of players will drop their difficulty just to Three-Star the stunt and get the acheivement to be counted amonst the ‘elite’ then bump the difficulty back up for the credits/xp boost in races. Maybe if lower difficulty three-stars only counted toward the campaign and the rewards (money, xp, fans) were weighted to the difficulty, it might work. But then you have a case of “If three-starring a jump on Average difficulty is only marginally better than two-starring on Expert difficulty, what is the point?” Difficult goals are meant to be difficult. Personally, I right-royally suck at drifting. Of all the concepts in this game, this is the one that after watching and reading a fair number of tutorials still eludes me. I doubt I will ever two-star drift zones, much less three star-them, but if I ever do, it should be because I finally figured it out, not because I slid the difficulty way down and faked my way through it.

Have to agree with FortuneGT here, on paper the Danger Signs are a good idea, but in practice a few of them and their 3-Star requirements are just BS. I liked the other PR Stunts, but not the Danger Signs.

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You don’t have to do the danger signs if you don’t want to do them. I enjoy them tbh.

I’m not a drifter myself so I will stay away from the drift signs as well, at least for now.

There is something for everyone in the PR stunts and you can perfectly ignore them if you don’t like them. I got to 25 mill fans already and still tons of content left so skip whatever you don’t enjoy doing.


Except for the completionists who want the 3 Star EVERY PR stunt achievement. Which goes hand in hand with Forza Rewards, which has an achievement metric. Granted the Expansions can push you past 1000GS (or make up for other missed achievements), but still.

My issue is less of the challenge or lack of fun, and it feels more like luck than skill. I have hit a ramp dozens of times, followed immediately by the rewind button, and flicked the stick a little differently each time, and suddenly, as if by magic, got 50 more yards. That’s not really exciting.


That’s kinda how I look at it. Eventually, I’m going to do all the danger signs and drift zones, but I’m going to put those off while I complete other things. Then when I get back to the jumps, I’ll be even further ranked up and richer so that spending money on creating a car just for the jumps won’t be a big deal. I’m pretty confident I know how to build cars to do everything else, but perfecting one for these jumps might take me a while.

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The shelby raptor is also a good truck as you can get it up to 1500 hp with the V12 upgrade. I use the Koenigsegg 1:1, Aventador, Shelby Raptor and the Ariel Nomad for all jumps. My longest jump is with the Koenigsegg at over 1k feet.

Any of the Group B cars are good for these jumps. The MG Metro seems to be the best (875hp with twin turbos), though the RS200 and the Peugeot 205 T16 are also pretty awesome.

I’ve gotten 3 stars on most of them with my maxed out wagoneer. Longer vehicles tend to be more predictable over the bumps I’ve found. But some of them ask a bit much, but I just keep on keepin on. I’m biased to jeeps too lol, I own a 88 wagoneer, and a 94 grand cherokee 5.2, <---- now there’s one I’d love to see one day. Anyway the closer to 50/50 balance and the longer wider the vehicle the more stable. Power gets the speed up for the distance.


I love the danger signs, the 3 star requirement on some of them seems to be set a little high. I have managed to do all of them so far, either in a STI or the One:1. It would be nice if I could get the trophy truck up to the speed required to make the jumps but it is still a blast to just launch the buggies/trucks and the 69 Charger off of them. I hit the airport danger sign in the trophy truck at 135mph and only managed something like 330ft which is solidly in the 2 star region.

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