Off Road Danger Signs: Best Vehicle?

I use the Hennessey Venom with rally springs raised to max and rally tires. I have it tuned so that it well do 0-100 in 1.4sec so it can get the speed up in very short distances and will still happily max out at 403km/h. Amazing for streets and doesn’t shy away when taken offroad.

Does anyone know how to get 3 stars on the hardest jump in the game? I’m referring to the Timber Mill Danger Sign… This jump has made my entire Forza Horizon 3 experience a rage fest nightmare… The jump is completely luck based… I’m using the Ariel Nomad fully upgraded, and it seems like everytime I get past 137m I front flip and fail the jump.

I am 27th in the world on that jump (the timber mill one) but only because of something along the lines of a glitch that I cannot replicate. But I can help you with getting the three stars without any glitches. I just used the Meyers Manx (the barn find dune buggy), maxed out with the Subaru F4, rally tires and suspension, ride height at max. You may need to experiment with the spring rates though, i found max hard on front & rear worked but max hard on front and softest on rear got me further. problem with having the softer rear is it’s harder to land it normally, the front tends to pull up a lot, making it a very bouncy car when going over smaller hills or jumps. it will definitely take a few tries and rewinds but as long as you get your run-up right and keep on aiming for different directions you should get it. Dunno how much I’ve helped but give it a try if you wish.

I used the Ferrari 458s for every pr stunt apart from the jump in the river. My x class tune is shared gt: jon3sy9

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I used this video to find good starting locations and approach angles. Forza Horizon 3 All Danger Signs 3 Stars Guide - How to Get 3 Stars On All Danger Signs Locations - YouTube

Its worked out for me, but I still cannot pass #6 which happens at the 4:00 minute mark. Its in surfers paradise, and unlike the video whatever vehicle I use nose dives into the ground and I fail. My X class One:1 even lands on its roof facing backwards. I cannot hit the ramp without flipping in the air. I don’t know what to do.

I just got it by getting EXTREMELY LUCKY. I bounced off the top of the tree and it took my PB of 425 and turned it into 550. Clearly this was intentional rolls eyes.

Really? That one was the first one I got 3 stars on. Just saw it and went at it from an angle through the trees with a S1 rallyfighter and landed on the other side of the river.

What vehicle did you guys use to complete the river jump? I have a sad/funny story. I have already completed it once, then my save got corrupted and I had to start over. I am pretty sure I used the Nomad or the Stadium truck but I can’t seem to get it now. With both maxed out I am still 50ft from 3stars.

UPDATE:::::: I got 3 stars with the Nomad

An interesting note about danger signs I discovered doing the river one, is that they trigger both directions.

I came back through it after a failed attempt and it triggered as I was headed back up river.

Don’t know that it would ever be useful to go the wrong way through one to get three stars, but it could possibly be useful somewhere, maybe.

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I’m actually pretty sure you are supposed to be in the river going towards the ramp i spent like 500k making cars to go over it into the river then I did it in a maxed out Toyota fj40 with the 1515hp Lamborghini motor and on the way back up the river to try again I hit it from the river towards the trees and beat my pb by 150ft

I’ve used the 2012 aventador for alot of the jumps. Maxed out so X class and obviously is AWD so works well on or off roads. And as someone else has said all the danger signs are activated from either direction. Which has proved useful on more than one occasion…

Any direction works as long as you hit the yellow thingy. I have done this in the airfield jump near the two rusted airplane hulls. Off road jump car centenario with rally suspension and rally tires.

The Ultima GTR Coupe maxed out to X class with AWD works for me. It’s really light so flies that bit further than the others…

I got all 3stars in
Aventador S2 and nomad S2
The ones I found to be a pain were the river one, timber mill, and surfers paradise (that was an aventador), I guess the array one was a bit of pain but that was just rewinding until I stopped wrecking on landing.

I’ve since been going back through and improving distances and moved up and have improved some with x class centenario, 1:1,

X class might not be bad way to go if your having any problems.
I will try and look up difficult one and see if I can provide specific tune and approach if anyone is having issue. But I don’t think I improved any of the tough ones just yet and a few I just skated though on the 3star mark

Even with the correct vehicle, I find it to be all about the correct approach angle. Sometimes you can make a last minute correction while on the ramp. Rewind was my best friend.

I still do not have the lumber mill one. It is just a matter of time!

Ford Ranger with a V12 swap. Leave the rally springs nice and soft.

One:1, awd, rally springs is how i did most of them.

2017 Ford GT, X999, top end speed of 263mph. She really flies!!!

Aventador twin turbo! :smiley:

For the river one I used the Rally Fighter.

The hardest challenge in the game for me was, by far, the XP board located on top of one of the 12 Apostles rocks.

I EZ Moded all the danger signs in the Lambo Huracan HE (normal version would probably work just as well) with a rally suspension. It seemed like a daft thing to do at the time, throwing a rally suspension on a lambo and raising it as high as it can go, but I’ll be darned if it’s not just a beast for tearing across the countyside and racking up skill points. The only one I haven’t three-starred yet is the Yarra Bridge one, but that’s because traffic has an uncanny knack of being in the most inoppotune locations for that one, even in the wee morning hours when traffic is relatively light.

What car does everyone use to try and get all of the danger jumps? I started using my Caterham R500 from the drag race challenge in forzathon. With it’s light body and being setup to reach a high speed quick, it’s been able to help me get 3 stars on a lot of the jumps. [Mod Edit - Advertising sites not allowed - D]