Danger sign issues

No yacht go land on.

I’m in the 69’camaro. The check mark is there.
Get over <50> feet in the 69 Camaro at la cruz danger sign. I’m getting 750+ and it’s not counting.

Taking a Morris over a danger hill.

Drive a Morris minor 1000. Only Morris to count is the 1958 Morris.
Get over <50> feet in the 1953 Morris minor 1000 at cannonball danger sign. The 53 is the forza edition. And doesn’t count as a Morris minor per the first requirement.

There are several of them that state <50> feet and that’s just not right. Had to 3 star them to complete.

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I’m trying to complete Taking a Morris Over A Danger Hill as well and I cant seem to do it. The description says get over 50m in the 1953 Morris Minor 100 at the cannonball Danger Sign. I am in the correct car and getting way over 50m. I’m getting close to 800 feet and I have tried multiple different lengths. Nothing seems to work.

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I suspect that this issue is encompassed in the following bug:

“Some Drift Zone, Speed Zone, and Danger Sign Accolades may become impossible to achieve”

I found the same thing with the Subaru and Launch Control danger sign. The Accolade itself says 50m but displays 50 feet if you pin it. Think the game is having issues with this discrepancy


Did someone try switching between metric en imperial, no idea if this works?

I’m at work atm and can’t test till later. But I have this same bug, should be meters, but pinned it says 50 feet.

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Is there a class restriction listed??

It is abour <50ft> issue. It is just a place holder. You need to jump far thats all I know. I take the Evetn Horizon Danger sign Supra RZ 1998 Accolade with jumping 500meters. Game codes are okay it gives you when you completed the jump. Only problem we don’t know how ft or meters. Just try to jump as far as you can!

It’s a bug. 1953 Minor 1000 game asks is actually Forza Edition Car. So this cannot be completed in 1958 Minor 1000 till devs fix the bug. This might take 4-5 months as they are quite slow in fixing things.


So you can complete it in the FE car then?

No because then the game doesn’t think it’s the right car. So we need a patch to fix this bug along with the Camaro one. Those are the only 2 bugged danger signs. The other Classic Racer can be completed at a different danger sign.

yal realise that there is a standard 1953 Morris Minor 1000?

Yeah that confused me too, they say that the game thinks you are using the wrong car so use the other car.

The accolade is referring to the FE 1953 Minor. If it would be typo it would work in 1958 Minor, which it doesn’t. These types of internal checks don’t actually parse the strings from the accolade, that would be stupid. There are several other bugs like this affecting other accolades for other pr stunts. You don’t have to make up a reason for the bug because you don’t know, its sufficient to say its bugged and all we can do is wait for fix. The issue is known.

Where? In Autoshow and Car collection I only see 1958 Morris Minor 1000 and the 1953 Morris Minor 1000 FE.

I did the Morris Minor 190m+ both cars. Neither worked. Its bugged, Maybe it wasn’t before and you got it then.

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They are all completely doable with drag tunes since those get the cars to top speed quick enough. I spent nearly 3 hours and 400k CR on the Camaro but I think its impossible to achieve, I tried multiple tunes and made my own to no avail however here is my findings (copy from another comment I made):

Chevrolet Camaro at ??ft (??m) → In all my 30-40 attempts I could not get this done even at 775ft (235m), to reach 800ft you need to hit the jump at ~200mph which doesnt seem possible
Morris Minor at 625ft (190m)
Subaru Impreza at 1425ft (435m)
Toyota Supra at 1500ft (450m)

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So for the chevrolet its 290~m Probably and my thune is 664 388 277 and tips i go on the left hard i past through the left flag and keep going left +50 try

Hello i got the same probleme like all time … i got the Chevrolet Camaro one with like 50 try i spend like 2 h on it :slight_smile: 259,53 M
Maybe whe just need to get 3 star on the Morris the subaru and the supra one its just saying.
GL for get 3 start with the morris im on my 40 try and i still dont achive same for the subaru one … The last 2
Sorry for my english same lvl then Playground game fixing bug

they AREN’T doable, there is some kind of bug unabling them from being completed. I’ve done over 230 meters with both Morris and didn’t work, camaro 246 meters and nothing, the supra one I tried several times over 500 meters and nothing BUT in the next day it WORKED with the same results from the day earlier (god knows how), the subaru one i’ve completed so easily that I can’t even remember

And there where more 2 or 3 accolades that didn’t work in one day and worked some days after, and even worse, there are some accolades that undo another accolades already completed and I needed to do it again and happened several times with PR Stunts accolades.

So it is pretty broken at this time
the only thing we can do is retry every day those broken accolades or wait for a patch hoping it won’t be that long.

thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I tried the Supra RZ Danger Sign ( Supra High ) at 454m but it was not enough.

I tried more 500+ not enough. Finlay I got the accolade at 545.44m

This happened to me on a different danger zone but I restarted my game and it worked after!


I’ve created a Super7 event for the people having a hard time with the Morris Minor accolade. Share code 413 280 556.
Please note that it might be bugged in the first try (as in no ramp is shown at the danger sign location), please try again after that, or leave me a message if it’s still not working. Mind that after completing this accolade, you might need to redo other danger side accolades that you’ve already completed (completely bugged at the moment …).

Please let me know if it worked.