50m danger sign accolades

There’s a about 5 accolades where you have to jump 50m in a variety of cars and different danger zones. I’ve checked quite thoroughly that I’m using the correct car and zone but I can’t get any of them to unlock. Is it me doing something silly or an issue for others?

It’s “sort of” known (afaik). It’s in the list anyway :smiley:

If you notice, the silly thing (in the UK xbox version anyway) says about getting the distance in feet (in brackets), so it looks like there is more than just numbers at work, the entire text is screwed up to!

I tried after seeing this, it isn’t working for me either

Thanks for trying. I put the pin accolade on and I have a tick for the correct car. When I do the jump nothing happens. Glad it’s not just me.

I don’t understand some of the requirements for things either. There is a speed trap in the festival playlist which has a sun symbol (meaning I need to do it during the day?) and says use a track toys car. I beat the speed during the day in a car of that type but it still shows as not being completed in the playlist. Am I doing it wrong or is it a bug? I don’t know. Why is it so complicated?

Oh, every time I go past it and beat the required speed (by a lot) it says I missed the seasonal requirement by 1mph! Eh?

Same problem here with the Accolades but i manged to get the Supra one “Supra High”. Completely maxed out upgrades on the Supra and got it with 583.7m (1915ft)… so i guess they just forgot to put the numbers in the Text and <50ft> is just a placeholder. I’m currently trying to get “No Parachute Needed” but no luck so far… but im only getting around 410m which isn’t even 3Star…

I have noticed that there are 3 I can’t do the 1968 chevy,Morris minor,supra but I have noticed there not listed on accolades for that jump site but if anyone is have trouble doing jump the rare classic do it at la cruz where it shows in accolade list on the map seems to work fine

Just like accolades elsewhere, they are all over the shop. After several tests I found this;

Rare Classic is not an “Any” but in-fact you need to do it at La Cruz, the same one as the Chevy

Chevrolet Camaro at ??ft (??m) → In all my 30-40 attempts I could not get this done even at 775ft (235m), to reach 800ft you need to hit the jump at +200mph which doesnt seem possible
Morris Minor at 625ft (190m)
Subaru Impreza at 1425ft (435m)
Toyota Supra at 1500ft (450m)


I hit over 1600ft with the Supra, and it still didn’t count.

Just tried Impreza one. Hit 450+ meters few times, 470m being the best attempt but still no luck. Going to try different ones but this is definetely bugged

Edit: managed to hit 260m with a Camaro (which is pretty much possible, ~300-304 kph entry speed). Didn’t count either.

First i want to say my english is not perfect ^^
I managed to get them all after a lot of retry and to be honest I think it’s about height of the jump, not lenght. I thought about this because of accolade symbol.
And thanks for the tip about the rare classic jump at La Cruz, i was losing hope and thought it was another bugged accolade.

can u add me on xbox : Aegir Godz, i would like to speak about tunes that you used and naybe help each other :slight_smile:

Lol, that’s actually pretty interesting, but it’s also a bit weird since you can’t see the height of the jump nowhere in the game.

I don’t even bother with this tbh. It’s annoying not to be able to complete these but this is a known issue so just wait for the patch i guess.

Same goes for Drift zone accolades.

I managed to get the Supra done just over 1500ft and the Impreza something over 1400ft. Still working on the others, but after a couple failed attempts on the Supra is when I came looking for answers. I’ve hit over 600ft with both the 1958 and 1953 Morris and neither have registered. I did have a different accolade that I couldn’t get done, restarted my game and got it done first try and didn’t even get over 2 stars worth.

I did them all and they triggered. Not sure what’s going on with other games.

It says <50 feet> which would translate to exactly 50 feet which is clearly insane

Make a super 7 challenge card and add a ramp at the jumps. That made my last one count. And have read that it has helped with other jumps to.

That’d be hilarious if it were height instead of length or 50.x ft.

That’s exactly what the guys who posted that method believed happened. And I must say atlesst on the no yacht to land on the distance of the jump was not really impressive when I added the ramp but it did clear the accolade instantly.