Crazy danger sign distances

Hello this may be a silly question but how do people manage to get such ridiculous distances on danger sign jumps? What am I missing here ?

They cheat. Over speed glitch.


Kiddy hackers.
Along with all other problems, I’m starting to think this game might be even bigger hackers paradise then GTA online.


It’s nothing special, it’s on Xbox too and some my friends tested it already. I never cared about jumps because it was always suspicious and never clean.

I thought my 957,4 meters on Runway danger sign was good. Why would someone want 12 kilometers though?
Edit: 957? Make that 1031.

Xbox had way more hackers than the PC version. This was one of the main reason that they did not allow FM4 liveries to be transferred to any other forza. Then again, those were some dark ages in the liveries where there was no holds bar animations…

How do you know that?

I know someone triggered a massive, 3rd place distance because they fell through the map, fell through “blue hell” for a few minutes, and then landed with a successful score of 30,000 feet. Could be part of it if you see massive distances.

This is some power trick. You have just faster cars. Easy to fix I hope.

I’m seeing some of these tears at the runway danger sign jump and I end up at one of the condos further down the beach. It doesn’t affect the jump distance which is fine with me, but it’s definately a bug in the programming.

The devs should decide on a reasonable/possible/achievable distance - and then delete anything over that from the Leaderboards

8000ft or so would be accepable?

I’d run simulations at the limits. Gravity does not decelerate, grip is perfect on all surfaces, whatever. Come to some sense of “beyond extreme” then discount anything beyond that. Could go further, reduce the extremes a bit but keep it beyond the game’s version of what is physically possible. Simulate with a car just beyond what could possibly be done with upgrades and tuning.

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