Broadway Mill Danger Sign hasn't been fixed in 3 months.

I find it very unlikely that this issue wasn’t brought up on many many occasions. This danger sign is still a complete mess and doesn’t work 95% of the time. FIX IT.

Has worked every time I’ve gone over it

Worked every single time for me, too. If you’re having problems, you should be more specific.

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Another topic on this issue here: Danger sign on top of the hill doesn't always work properly - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums
The problem is the distance counter ending early at 1-2m instead of measuring the full jump.

I get this issue too (playing on pc)

I also have this happen to me (also on PC). During Forzathons, I usually rewind when it happens and it may fix it. However, the last two times I did that it completely quit acknowledging any stunt zones of any sort until I restarted the game.

Doesn’t work for me at all depending on the car. Most of the time no matter how far you jump it always says 4.06 meters. Never did this at all when the game first came out so it must have been messed up (along with many other things) in an update.

Sounds like you guys are hitting the sides on the way through
Maybe if you went dead centre it would work correctly

How about posting a video of it happening

That was my first thought when it didn’t work - but unfortunately this was not the case (I’m sure other people in this thread will confirm it too).