Are you ever planning to fix Broadway Windmill Danger Sign?????

How many times is someone going to ask this? Why has this not been fixed since the game launch? If you don’t plan to fix it, why did you not disable the Forzathon that involves the danger sign?

Why wouldn’t you just continue your previous thread? You think making multiple threads will help? It won’t. You think posting here will help at all? Very doubtful, that’s what support tickets are for.

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It is weird that it only works with some cars and not others. Not sure what’s up with that.

I’ve still never had an issue with it…even since going through numerous times since your last thread on the same issue

Also still waiting for a video of it happening

Can’t fix something that might just be user error

Works for me but sometimes I get 1 m on almost every sign. So it works but sometimes you do it “wrong” or use “bad” car :smiley: