Nvidea GeForce experience support?

As some of you know forza motorsport 6 apex AND Forza horizon 3 had no nvidea geforce support, this was really annoying in my personal experience because there are alot of in-game moments that you would want clipped.

Now some of you might say ‘‘well the xbox app on PC can do the same for you’’ i’m aware it can but having tested it i can clearly say that it barely has any options for video lenght quality etc.
Also the performance hit it gives you is crazy, my setup is far beyond what is recommended for FH3 but it dropped in frames like crazy.

Now i honestly hope that because they rebuild FM7 from the ground up for PC that it will have Nvidea support and that you can actually use shadowplay in FM7, would make a nice change.
I’m not sure if AMD users have an equal piece of software but if that is the case same goes for AMD users, i really hope that they work well together now that they are really dedicating alot of energy and resources to the pc version.


Forza Horizon 3 is listed as a supported game for automatic optimization but based on DigitalFoundry’s investigation at gamescom, the in-game Dynamic Optimization setting is the best way to go.

He/She wants Shadowplay Max.

Pretty sure I was able to record videos of my gameplay in both Apex and FH3 using nvidia’s software, unless that ability has since been removed.

If you look on YouTube you can find videos done that way.

If you use the latest Beta version of Geforce Experience ( it works perfectly you just wont see the onscreen icons. Just remember to set shadowplay to allow desktop recording. To check to see if it is recording just drag the mouse to the top or bottom of the screen and the green dot will show up in whatever corner you have it set to.

This isn’t just an issue with the Forza games, it affects all UWP (Windows Store) games because they don’t use exclusive full-screen mode.

or just use gamebar

Gamebar is fine if your after a low bitrate 1080p file. For high quality captures or in my case 4K gameplay videos I prefer to use Shadowplay.

Never thought of it like that

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I used shadowplay to record the video I posted in the FFB thread, you need to open the options select privacy and allow desktop recording. However you can’t use the hot keys from inside the game, you have to alt+tab and start recording from the desktop.