FM6 Apex and Nvidia Geforce Experience

Game is recognised in the Nvidia Geforce software so I cannot optimise the game and I have tried searching for it so I can set it in the preferences but I have had no luck. Latest Nvida drivers said it was to support FM6 Apex but seems odd the software can’t see the game even when setting the search folder to my hdd root folder.

Where is the installation folder?

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Nvidia hasn’t supported the game yet.

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not quite… Only global settings in the Nvidia control panel work. You can not specify anything for individual game profiles with UWP games yet.

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If you are looking for the latest graphics driver, you might try here:

NVIDIA 365.10:

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And another driver released early this morning Nvidia 365.19:

Haven’t tried it with Apex yet, I’ll try it later on.

Thanks all who responded.