Nurburgring Layout still wrong

They added the 24h layout of the Nurburgring Circuit but again it is not fully correct.
Ingame, the last chicane before going to the Nordschleife itself is the narrower version whereas in real life the wider version is used.
May be a tiny thing for some but I can´t help myself asking me why something like this happens when the tracks are laserscanned and such.

Although the tracks are laser scanned, they are then adapted for better gaming.

I think the game looks amazing and the circuits look fantastic. I just wish we didn’t have to have those corner cutting barriers all over the place as they ruin all sense of realism, especially on tracks I know well or have been to in real life.

Le Mans in particular annoys me as its somewhere I’ve been going for the last 13 years, and probably know better than anywhere else. The anti-cut barriers look so out of place and every iconic view is blighted by them.

I know the quicksand was criticized but there must be a way of using it more subtly or finding a better way of penalising corner cutters, otherwise you might as well place barriers along the edges of the track and have done with it.

You go to all the trouble of researching and recreating the tracks and cars in minute detail and then go and clumsily slap a whole bunch of pretend walls all over the place!!

And dont get me started on the US style scaffold towers through the Porsche Curves!!

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I refuse to accept quicksand. At least barriers are plausible. Quicksand is not. Magic sticky grass destroys any sense of realism.


Agreed 100%

Thumbs Up!

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Barriers in the middle of run off areas or even the grass on the 200mph section between Mulsanne corner and Indianapolis couldn’t be less plausible if they tried. Magic sticky grass only becomes unrealistic if you happen to drive on it, which you shouldn’t. Pretend barriers look unrealistic 100% of the time and detract from the realism whether you are driving sensibly or not.

If you are making a fictional track, do what you like scenery wise but please dont ruin real circuits with make believe scenery.


Would it have been better to leave the barriers in but make them invisible. That way they don’t detract from the looks of the scenery keeping the sense of realism and still do the job of stopping corner cutting. It is still better than quick-sticky grass. Though I want to invent that and sell it to race tracks now.

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Which is for a game, which calls itself a simulator multiple times, a bit strange?


It makes for a more overall enjoyable experience, nobody suffers from physical injury either, although sometimes I think if a little hammer appeared from under the xbox logo and smacked you right between the eyes when you crash less people would find it funny deliberately crashing.


Well we gotta have barriers for multiplayer. I do wish we had the barriers for sp removed though.

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That would seem to be a sensible compromise. What do they do in other racing games?

Compared to Project CARS, which has more realistic rendering of tracks, Turn 10 I think has a tendency to over extend track renderings or under extend it. For example I know the Nordschleife from FM5, but when I race the same track on Project CARS, I’m lost, because everything seems smaller and shorter in the PC version and in FM5 over extended. This is where being a game come in, after all T10 is taking the liberty of making over and under extending certain areas of the tracks for driver excitement, which I can understand too, as FM6 is still a game after all.

Do you know what the difference is between pCars and Forza? Forza has there tracks laser scanned and pCars does not. They use reference photos only. The “Ring” in Forza is a more accurate rendering of the track therefore. I know you seem to need to keep calling Forza a game but it IS also a Sim. If you disagree then I would like you to show me where there is any proof the Slightly Mad went out and laser scanned ANYWHERE…