Now its out - what i'd like to see in future update

Firstly, Im loving the game, it plays like a dream on my XB1X and Oled TV. A few things occurred to me that would improve an already almost perfect game.

  1. Houses - i’d love a garage like in PGR where i could see all my owned cars in one place and walk around in First person
  2. Houses - more perks, also perhaps the ability to go into the house and customise interior and/or exterior
  3. Radio - I’d love a british music station with classics from the like of The Jam, Queen, Brit Pop
  4. Photo - Photo mode is still excellent but wish you could bring up from the pause menu rather than pressing up
  5. Avatar - small selection of avatars to choose from perhaps a few more could be added, also there appears to be a blank box, is this for the upcoming xbox avatar update?

These a minor things, love the game very much - except for the emotes (this is forza horizon not fortnite horizon) - not sure about the game show style screens etc before a race but doesnt detract too much,

Finally, well gone to Playground game in turning Horizon into an art form!

Forza Horizon 4 Features Wishlists