Note to PG re: Garage Limit - Series 13 Update Stream response

I have been a player of Forza games since FM2 and a player of FH4 since the first hour of early-access. I tend to avoid the forums because I find that in-general, forums are hard to navigate, tough to keep up with, and a hodgepodge of a mess to communicate through.

That said, I felt compelled to post today after viewing the Series 13 update stream. For anybody unaware, in the stream on 8/27 during the QA in the last 10 minutes, somebody had asked about a garage limit increase above it’s current 650 vehicles; the response from PG was that it’s not being worked on at this time.

First of all, I absolutely love everything PG is doing for FH4, this game has been (and still is) a daily source of fun for me to tap into. I’ve played every aspect of it and will continue to do so until they hook me on FH5. With that in mind, I can’t help but express disappointment that a second garage limit increase is not currently being developed.

I’m a player who has no duplicate cars, and managed to obtain every car in the game (save for 3 pre-order ones that seem to have never been released) and I’m currently sitting at a garage of 637 out of 650. With every series update, it seems that 4-6 new vehicles are added and at this rate I will be unable to acquire new unique vehicles in 2 months. There is a workaround of course, but I don’t feel that I should have to delete/sell vehicles that I’ve worked hard to earn. Plus, I tend to be a completionist and enjoy having the full collection at my disposal. I always sell duplicates in the auction house, but I’d hate to get to the point where I stop playing because I cannot receive the rewards due to this cap.

To any PG staff reading this, I appreciate your time and consideration; and keep up the great work. You all really should be proud of this game as a whole!


garage limit is 750 not 650


The current garage limit is 750 and not 650…



Haha… well then that changes things! I’ll be back to re-post in a year. :wink:

Thanks for the correction guys!


if someone had any interest in the game at all would had known the limit
after watching half the stream on Facebook gave up as did 400 others out of 900
waited for Forza monthly for the info such a pleasure watching a stream done right by professional adults

If you have any information on how you would like us to improve our streams, please let us know. (You can do so here)

I’ve never seen you suggest anything previously (or I may have missed your comment) so therefore I’ve been unable to suggest changes. So feel free to follow the link and let us know which sections you do (or don’t) like and how you would like to see us adapt the feedback to the streams. I’m really interested in your suggestions as I’m always looking to make the livestreams better.


Following the link goes to 404 page.

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Thanks for noticing that! I’ve edited so that it should now be correct.


In terms of expanding the garage size, we touched on this in the stream and when we last increased the garage size.
Increase the size involves changes or the potential of affecting players saves, therefore causing a giant risk to the whole playerbase. This requires a quite a substantial amount of testing alongside being cautious with every change made alongside always have the risk of losing player save data. Unfortunately this means it’s a lot harder to implment due to the consequence which it may cause if we’re not careful.

However, in response to this, we are looking into ways which we could ease the effect of duplicate cars as we are aware (from all the feedback you all have given) regarding duplicates such as those in wheelspins.


But I want to have duplicates! I have every car that is currently in the game, apart from some Pre-Order cars and the Series 13 cars. That leaves space for only 100 duplicate cars, and I´ve been struggleing to stay beneath the limit since June. There should be far more room for duplicates.


I wouldn’t phrase it this harshly but I have to agree to an extent. Forza Monthly provides are more serious and reliable source of information. Mechberg is a great host and with guests like JONK or Chris Esaki it’s just miles ahead of PGs stream. They are very informed and especially Chris Esaki provides a lot of in-depth information about upcoming stuff or plans.

PGs stream always seems more chaotic - which has its own charm but for gathering information I’m using Forza Monthly or ManteoMax’ posts here.
They sometimes get stuff wrong which leaves me behind doubting if they even play their own product. At least nowadays they have presenters who can drive decently. The quality of driving in the first streams was painful to watch at times. PG also seems less open about “work behind the curtain” than T10. Given the “paint brake calipers” issue they might have good reason to act this way.


Damned don’t care about upsizing the garage, just give me the possibility to deactivate the automatic launch of wheelspin as cs ends. Just that option and I have no more garage size cleaning to do.


Either this or give us the ability to immediately sell cars won during a spin, like in FH3.


Yeah, FH3 solution is an easy option, we requested it since day one and … nothing. During some recent stream they stated copy/pasting the same behavior had hidden complexity related to super wheelspin ( which nobody cares as manually triggered but when you look for an excuse to not do …)

Only cons of it, it is no time gain for online wait times as proposing sell is increasing waiting time between CS.

I believe it was stated in the Series 13 Update stream that this ability (or at least some way to deal with duplicates won) is being actively worked on. There was no elaboration as to exactly what the plan is, however and I don’t believe it’s coming in today’s update, but likely in Series 14 or later.

Edit: Sniped by mod! See above! :slight_smile:

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It definitely does come off as unprofessional but that has it’s own charm I suppose. In fairness to Retro, she got the number right but someone “corrected” her. It would have been good if she had asserted herself but it’s understandable to assume you made a mistake when you’re put on the spot during a livestream.

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Same page, such little miss is of no importance.
Garage is large enough to contain all cars at least once, the issue is it is being automatically filled by Wheelspin almost every time you end a CS. Doing the clean up is getting me nuts when just an option to deactivate this auto-launch would have saved me days of stupid activity.

Winning a car online is just waist of time for everyone, we wait for him, possibly just for him to leave because he wants to play with it, having this wheelspin there is just slowing down the online and filling garage with duplicates, period.

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It’s not just that, it’s the game mechanics that cause you to need multiple copies of cars. I really want to keep at least 3 copies of each exclusive car, given that there is no easy way to replace them. I’ve already had to compromise and limit myself to 2 of each. If you want to have copies of a car tuned for different classes, and maybe also rally tyre and race tyre tunes, the garage limit is a huge issue.

Of course, they could fix this by allowing you to apply a tune at the start of an online adventure or before a PvP race, but they haven’t shown any inclination towards solving the problem this way either.

I give up, they simply appear to have no coherent plan for the game whatsoever, it’s just a bunch of random features cobbled together. My Xbox is being disconnected and put away in a drawer, it’s pointless carrying on playing this complete and utter mess of a game where month after month they show no ability to even comprehend the problems with what they have created.


I agree.
The “exclusive car” system is one of the reasons that exacerbates this problem.
Most exclusive vehicles are difficult to reacquire, except for some vehicles that are in oversupply.
We cannot delete these cars like other cars, and as a result, these cars occupy garage capacity.
And some of the exclusive cars have a lot of options such as body kits and engine swaps, so it is not uncommon for gear heads to own these cars in duplicate.

For example, add an exclusive car to Autoshow that is more than half a year old and that is not a Forza Edition, Career Mode prize, Barn Finds, and Star Cards prize.
This will alleviate the problem of people holding cars in the garage just because they are “exclusive cars” and the problem of kept duplicate cars because there is no opportunity to get these cars again.

If they are not going to increase garage capacity (at least for the time being), this approach will be one of the effective means.

Yeah, it’s useless. They simply won’t do it and they have all excuses for that. It’s not about wheelspins only, clean my garage is easy as I have 740 cars and everytime I get a car I don’t want I check the garage and delete it. The problem is with getting rid of cars I actually want to keep.

This game has a great car list, I can’t complain about any manufacturer or car, and new cars will keep coming (4 to 5 each month acording to the stream) which is really great, I appreciate that. But it’s hard to have every car we want with no space for them. It’s a car game that makes it difficult for the car enthusiasts to keep cars lol. Anyway…

I’ve said countless times, submitted tickets but it’s a waste of time. I remember that the issue with garage size used to have more people involved and asking for it, but due to their responses on each subsequent stream people gave up. I still had hope, but now I’m leaving too.

RetroKrystal said the same thing she said before and only touched on the wheelspins subject, which proves they’re not aware of the entire picture. “It’s hard because involves this and that”, yeah, but them you will do what is best for you and not for the players? It’s been like this for months. Nothing new comes up from your updates, seriously, what are the devs doing? You should have time to implement that even if it’s difficult, FM7 has 900 slots and a lot of cars got sound updates, while we get nothing really. Top gear story and a Lego barn find that should have come with lego expansion but was delayed due to commercial therms. And nothing else lately, a joke.

I’m very curious about what is that the devs are working on, as they said on stream (I watched every second of it) that they had other things to do now, and they simply don’t have a plan for nothing people asked except for the wheelspins thing, exactly the same point RetroKrystal pointed out here ignoring the rest. I really want to know what they plan for the future as I still don’t understand as it’s not clear for us players. I’m beggining to think there’s no plan at all.

Please change my mind.