Note to PG re: Garage Limit - Series 13 Update Stream response

Their lack of a coherent plan is very evident by their knee jerk responses to the vocal minority where they implement a major change to the game that actually makes things worse or more unfair just because the same few keep complaining about it.

A very good example is the fix they put in place for wall riding where a rammer can smash you into the wall. You get penalized, yet the rammer gets no punishment. They ‘fixed’ wall ramming, which is a very minor issue, while totally ignoring the intentional ramming, which is a major issue.

I, too, have become very discouraged with the game and now have decided to do things I enjoy, such as trying to get the very best score I possibly can on each of the stunts, especially the danger zones, even though I long ago reached 3 stars on every one of them.

As it has already been addressed the the garage is 750 not 650. I currently have 715 in my garage, so apparently I have some 65 vehicles that I don’t actually have. Interesting.

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Not sure what the point of your post is. Red isn’t disputing the 750 cap. Red is commenting on PG’s video, as well as RK getting (wrongly) corrected.


And what about tunes and designs limits? if I’m not mistaken the current limit is 500


Hope they figure something out. They are adding new cars every month, you win duplicate cars through the playlists and wheelspins…The 750 car limit is not enough.


Garage limit is currently 750 cars. It’s not the same as FM7’s 900, because FH4 has larger file saves in general.

After the Series 13 update, the most unique cars any single player can own will be 647. That includes:

  • 482 cars that came with the base game on day one including Forza Editions
  • 49 Car Pass cars
  • 17 cars from Bond + Formula Drift car packs
  • 14 expansion cars
  • 75 exclusive/reward cars added since day one
  • 7 pre-order cars (tuned versions of cars included on disc) including three which were not released widely. Most players will have only one if any, based on the retailer they pre-ordered the game from.
  • 3 VIP Forza Edition cars

That still leaves 103 slots for other cars yet to come, if you are diligent about cleaning up your garage of duplicate cars. To that end, Playground are working on a plan to address the problem of wheelspins giving you cars you already own.


I know that disk space is valuable, but if the players want it, why not implement it as an option in the menu?
Like: „Increase garage limit to 1000 – may need additional xx.x GB of disk space“

I have about 730 cars in my garage, so everytime a get a few new ones, I have to go through all of my garage to search for them: (I lost a few cars due to the 750 car limit – so I always clean up now)

  • Why isn’t there an option to sort for cars with the label “new”?
  • And an option to display the duplicates?
    But I just delete most of those new cars anyway, because putting them for auction is so annoying:
  • If the auction fails you have to take it back to the garage if you want to re-enter it… Y tho? ^^
  • If the auction succeeds you have to collect the credits for each car seperately… Why not implement a “collect all”-Button?
  • Also, if you are looking for a car in the auction house: When you are selecting the manufacturer: Why can’t there be the same selection screen as the one in “jump-to-manufacturer” in the garage?
  • I always sell my cars for too low of a price, because it takes forever to look for them manually. So displaying the average selling price of the car you want to put for auction would be nice, too
    “Cleaning up” takes ages in the current build.

But the reason I keep duplicates is to access all tunes of a car I want without changing them manually. So implementing a system which searches every tune - instead of a car or applied/active tune – that fits the races rule set and applying it automatically if the car is selected, would eliminate the need of duplicate cars or a garage limit increase. ^^

I hope none if this came out as rude, but if so, I apologize. Also, I’m sorry for any language, spelling or punctuation mistakes. I’m not a native speaker after all.

I still love the game, so I want it to improve!


This is the best post in this thread. I mean…it simply perplexes me why none of the bullet point suggestions above were even thought about or considered during the concept design stages of the game. I mean, had I been on the developer team even I would have brought these things up had I known there’d be a garage limit of 750 cars. I have to wonder how everyone appears to have been asleep at the wheel in this regard?


It isn’t really about available hard disk space on your console or PC- one user’s save game isn’t large enough to make much of a difference to that; it has to do with synced save connected storage allocations multiplied by millions of players.


Thanks. Yea I even forgot to mention that the auction house should save the last search you did, in case you accidentally exit out of it.

That makes sense, never really thought about it. Are you storing the data yourselves? Since you got Microsofts backing now, maybe moving to Azure Storage could help with that :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a fair answer, but tell me why FM7 has 900 slots and FH4 not? In the stream it was confirmed that we’ll keep getting 4 to 5 cars each month, so I guess we deserve more slots don’t you think?

I know you’re just here to help and this decision isn’t yours to take, and I’m glad you answered us, but I feel that this should be on the devs roadmap already, but it seems like it’s not even a possibility by now, and for me this is very sad. It’s a racing game, based on cars, so space to have plenty of cars, alongside the new ones to come, should be in the plan.

Do you think they are really aware of it?

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From what Jonk said the larger save files per car is the reason this game allows fewer cars in the garage. It doesn’t sound like they’re looking to expand it more than they have. A few weeks back I took a couple hours to go through and either list or delete every duplicate car that I didn’t care about. The boring run of the mill kind of cars. I ended up maxing out my auction listings for 4 days in a row and a surprising number of them sold. Anything that didn’t stayed in the auction house until it disappears. Ended up banking a ton of $ too which didn’t hurt. I’m at 651 with a few choice duplicates but I don’t keep multiples on hand with different tunes.

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I know you are trying to help Jonk but 2% qualified for ranked, double it to consider offline intensive players, 4%, 400K users, let’s say 10MB by player, 4TB … close to nothing.

Clever move would have been to associate ‘super profile’ with Ultimate version in the sense of “you pay more, you have more” or make it an extension package but … ok I stop there, useless to suggest anything since nobody listens

take care guys

Lots of good points here. Especially the “Jump to Manufacturer” selection in the Auction house. It is exhausting having to scroll through every time.


How about a switch or setting that disables auto wheelspins. I have hundreds and can’t be arsed clearing my garage of crap. We’re talking a single flag or you could just automatically not auto wheelspin after the user racks up 100+ normal to save having to add settings to the UI.

I have multiple tunes on the same car for different conditions, some have multiples per season based on whether road, dirt etc so the garage slots fill up quickly.

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It’s the exact opposite of that. They have a plan and release schedule for expansions and content. The problem is that they’re sticking to that plan no matter what. Bugs, poor functionality and player complaints don’t get the attention they deserve because they can’t deviate from their schedule. There was a period of time when they broke something new every time they updated the game. At that point, all updates should have stopped until everything was fixed but they just kept on truckin’.

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The expansions already came out, but please tell me about content. That’s all I wanted to know, because as I see now all they’re doing is making things better like ranked or other Quality of Life improvements, alongside new cars, but there’s no actual new content. And even if something big comes in the future, it’s still a car game, so new cars will keep coming and at some point the garage size will be a bigger problem than it is now.

I’m not saying our complaints are more important than their roadmap, I’m only frustrated by the fact that this subject isn’t something they’re even considering. I’ll repeat myself, FM7 has 900 slots and their team managed to change some car sounds along the way, and for me these two things are the more important things at the moment, if you’re really into cars and immersion that the game should bring. This is the basics, something that should be at least in their plans since the beggining.


but in the stream before this one they said they had plans to expand the garage but no date was set. They said they understood players having multiple tunes for a particular car and such.

I also want to say i don’t understand why we even have wheel spins in the game, if i win a car i have to delete it and if i win money i don’t have the room for more cars in my garage so why doesn’t Turn

10 or whoever just get rid of wheel spins altogether.

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You’re right, that’s why I kept my hopes up. But it was a different guy that said it, so I can’t be sure if either the guys that talked about it this week doesn’t know everything about the subject or if something changed since then. RetroKrystal was at both of the Streams and now is saying all that will be done is regarding only wheelpins and its duplicate cars.

So what I’m doing is trusting the latest news and acting accordingly to the responses from the staff here in the forums. But I hope you’re still right.

Im down to about 500 cars. If anyone wants any of mine just message me on xbox. I have just about everything. Im bored with the game but would be happy to give away any car i have that you want for the cheapest price i can. It will be an auction that we can try to work out so you get the car before its sniped.