Garage Capacity Update? When? I AM DESPERATE!

Any update as to when the garage update will be here?

I have been @ capacity (550 cars owned) for weeks now and keeps having to scrap vehicles from my garage gained from wheelspins just to make room for prize cars.

I currently have 6 Super wheel spins and approx 200, regular wheel spins which I cannot spin at the moment due to garage limitations.

I did have 300 regular wheel spins at one point, but I’ve managed to whittle this down to around 200 by auctioning anything desirable and scrapping low value stuff.

I just feel in limbo and constantly restricted all the time now.

There’s enough “baked-in” time wasting in the game without having to go back and forth to “My Cars” to remove vehicles to make room for future vehicles.


Been in the same situation for quite some time. I’ve just ended up deleting cars to make room. I’ve got wheel spins I can’t use and apparently I’m suspended from making a support ticket…
What’s funny is adding car collector milestones/achievements but you can’t own all of the cars in game. I wouldn’t hold out hope for any meaningful response from anyone at playground games, they are all to busy taking pictures to upload to twitter, narcissistically patting themselves on the back and planning their personal mixer streams.


Seriously, no one cares how cool you guys think you are. Fix your problems and we’ll pat you on the back, you don’t need to do it yourselves. No one likes a show-off, especially one that actually doesn’t deserve to.

Well you are not only one, 550 cars in garage, 50 on auction house, 30 free cars on autoshow, 11 super wheelspins available and almost 200 regular wheelspin. I really hope we get that update soon.


I’m parking cars at the auction house, throwing cheap autoshow-cars away and accumulating wheelspins for weeks now. I hope PG can bring this update bug-free in the announced time frame. It’s getting incredibly clumsy & confusing.
I still don’t understand how the game could ship with this major design flaw. It should’ve taken a trainee ~ 10 minutes to realize: “if I’m building a “life-service” game with constant updates my game structure should be ready for it.”
The constant addition of cars must’ve been something nobody expected - like the Spanish Inquisition.


We will be doing an increase on the garage size but unfortunately cannot give a date at the current time.



Is the “hopefully between Update 5 and Update 6” release window still something that could happen? Just curious because I’d assume if that release window was still a possibility you would’ve at least mentioned something along the lines of “hopefully between Update 5 and Update 6, but it may be postponed even further”

Any QA/QC review would have seen this issue prior to setting a release date for the game.
Clearly not capable of developing a proper game anymore.

Whilst I am sure we all appreciate the update. At launch and I can’t find the exact total of cars the game launched with so forgive me for that. But wasn’t the release amount of cars pretty close to cap & you had already planned a certain amount of DLC. It seems really silly to have no worked on this sooner. My experience with support for this game has been nothing short of a disaster.

There are some really bad responses here on the forums as well. The we don’t know, response is really bad. It reads like ’ we made a game and aren’t quite sure what we did and how to work with it & God forbid we took a few seconds to think ahead of time.

I have to quote one of my favourite posts here from a staff member.

“Since the launch of FH4, we’ve seen an increase in support tickets. Due to that, the response time for support tickets has increased but we will make sure we respond to all tickets. Thanks for your patience.”

Since the game came out and people can play it we’ve had a lot of tickets. Really?!?! I wonder why. I imagine you had no tech support tickets whilst people couldn’t play it.

On from this you aren’t even hiring for positions to actually lower the response time. But that’s besides the point. Still not good enough if you ask me.


To me, the is one of the most significant negative aspects of the game. I have lost all interest in playing this because it has become too much of a chore to maintain. If I race, I earn wheelspins, and wheelspins are such a major disappointment at this stage. Based on past experience, I have a greater than 50% chance of winning a car from a wheelspin. For every car I win, there is a 98% chance the car I win is a car I already own (duplicate). And for every duplicate I win, it is a low value car like an MX-5 that nobody will buy.

Out of the last 200 wheelspins I have done, I have won a total of 1,225,000 credits, and 106 cars. Of those 106 cars, only 4 of those were cars I did not already own.

This was my first procedure with duplicate cars:

  1. Buy all the valuable perks (wheelspins, cash, influence) with skill points.
  2. Put the car in the auction house.
  3. If after 2 auction, if the car didn’t sell, I remove it from my garage.

This has become more of a burden because I have to senselessly spend multiple hours grinding for skill points in order to buy the perks. Also, when as you earn hundreds of skills points, guess what, you earn more wheelspins, which will result in more duplicate cars, and very little credits. Then I changed my strategy:

  1. All duplicate cars immediately go to the auction house, a maximum of 2 times.
  2. If they don’t sell, any car with a value of 100,000 credits or less get removed from my garage.
  3. Any car with a value of greater than 100,000 credits, I buy the perks, the remove from garage.

This still became to cumbersome, so I made yet another change to my policy:

  1. All cars with a value of less than 100,000 credits get removed from my garage immediately.
  2. Cars with a value of 100,000 - 500,000 credits get one chance for auction, then removed from garage.
  3. Cars with a value of 500,000 credits or more, get auctioned twice. If no sale, they get removed.

As it stands right now, I no longer play the game. I start the game up every Friday evening for 3 reasons:

  1. To collect my Forza Rewards points (500,000 credits each week).
  2. To collect my 2 free cars (I bought the Ultimate Edition)
  3. Check for the Forzathon Shop for cars I don’t own.

I currently have over 7,000 Forzathon points saved up. I haven’t spent any in over 6 weeks, because I own every clothing item and car they have posted. I used to do the weekly Forzathon challenge (400 points with VIP), but those have become too unstable and sometimes unable to complete. Besides, I don’t need the points.

I feel extremely disappointed that I have completely lost interest in this game less than 3 months after release. Horizon 4 has ZERO (0) “Wow” factor for me, which his very upsetting. I still look forward to playing the weekly Forzathon challenges in Horizon 3 every Friday, and usually spend about 5 hours a week playing Horizon 1, Horizon 3, FM6, and FM7 each week.

I know there are hundreds of thousands of Horizon players that feel the same as I do, which is sad. I also know that there are hundreds of thousands of players who still are enjoying the game, but are losing interest rapidly.

Microsoft, Turn 10, and Playground Games, need to take action to revive interest for all fans/players


Verbatim my current routine.

can skip the next 3 weeks though, because the car pass cars are literal garbage. Yes, i bought a racing game to drive an old opel kadett, said noone ever.

I find it sad that I am often spending more time finding and dealing with the myriad of duplicate cars than I do playing the game.


I make your words mine, but a consideration, I lost interest in the game, after the new policy of downloading designs, I spent hours painting, now I no longer have the desire to paint, TURN 10 wanted to please some famous painters, despised the too much. I’ll think twice if I keep buying more Forza games soon, I’m very unappreciated with this game and Forza 7.

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I wish I could filter by cars that I have dupes of. and a less cumbersome way of seeing if uts available in autoshow or not.

I find myself scouring my garage, find a dupe, look in autoshow to see if its rare, log into auction hourse to see if its one of those rare expensive cars people drool over. After I verify that then I remove from garage (after I perk it out).

all that to empty a slot.

is there a website that will let me know which cars are autoshow / cheap common so i can just perk it and sell it? I dont want to sell a “green” car only to find out it was something rare that sells for 20million.

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Here’s the list of Exclusive car models which are marked in the Car List thread pinned above. You can also see the list of Exclusives at and

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544 cars in my garage (leaving room for juggling new ones). 26 in the Auction House un-sold tank, 300+ Wheelspins, 20+ Super Wheelspins, 4000 FP and about 9 millon CR in the bank.

No duplicates.

Waiting patiently.

So far I deleted over 300 cars from my garage…

And I am not happy about it at all…

Best regards

I can at least double that! :frowning:

Admittedly, most of them will have been low-value, de-perked and unsellable, but still…

In the same boat. :frowning:

It would be nice if, while you’re working on the garage expansion, you give us back the feature from FH3 where, if we hit a duplicate of a car we already owned, we were given the option to instead accept credits right from the wheelspin, rather than go through the hassle to attempt to sell it, or go in and dump it for no credits. Just another useful feature removed for no reason, just like the ability to gift cars directly to friends.