Not syncing data properly!

Hi guys,

I have been trying to play FH2 since I got home around 4:30 (CST) and every time I get to the main menu and it says press “A” to start, it will bring up a pop up saying “Syncing Data For Forza Horizon 2” and it sat there for 5 minutes and didn’t do a single thing! I’m getting very agitated and suspicious if my Forza data got deleted somehow since xbox was having problems today August 26, 2015. If anyone has any ideas please post! THANKS!

Sometimes it takes a while.

If u hit the xbox button then re enter it will sync usally

I hope you didn’t cancel it otherwise you could’ve put yourself in a world of trouble. Sometimes syncs can take a long time.

Put it this way mine had taken 5 hours before.