Not getting rewards for Forza 7 on Forza Hub (XB1)

So, i got the game about 3 days ago and noticed that everything is still showing no progress. Its 0/xx PTS all across the board. Ive played about 10 hrs a day so approx 30 hrs. Shouldnt there be something showing by now? Got my FH3 stuff…

Any help would be much appreciated

i was going to ticket this aswell i havent had any rewards from forza hub for 4 weeks now, thats near a million creds vanished

I would but im not sure how. Lemme know what comes of it? Ive seen some other people who posted about this as well (after my posting lol).

Just so you know it doesn’t update immediately as you do it
Usually it take about a week but in some cases it takes longer
Mine has just updated about 3 days ago for gamerscore i got 3 months ago
Theres a big thread discussing it somewhere

It was 3 posts below yours…I’m surprised you missed it