[INVESTIGATING] Forza Hub stopped updating my status.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now. I’m just 35 points away from Tier 9, and been playing Forza 7 and Horizon 2 constantly, but neither games have been registering the progress. Horizon 2 was almost complete except for days played. I’m still getting the Tier 8 rewards every week.

I’ve been playing online and my privacy settings are just fine.

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Mine has stopped updating as well. As regards going up to Tier 9 there’s also a problem with the Tiers updating anyway so although you may pass the threshold to go up a tier you won’t get the correct awards for it.


Yeah, I’m just 36 points away from Tier 8 myself, according to the Hub, but its underreporting my cars owned, gamerscore, and driver level…

mine hasn’t been updated for about 2 months now, not that I get to a higher tier though


I know last week my days played updated on FM3, I’d check this week but the reward page isn’t loading for me.

For a while the rewards page didn’t show for me as well. It’s weird that these issues began to pop up, i’ve been using since 2015 and haven’t had any problems with the hub till now. Maybe they’re doing some adjusts to accomodate the new game ahead of time?

Same problem here for about 3 weeks or so. I’m 36 points away from level 9. Days played and achievements from Forza 6, Horizon 2 and 3 do not get pushed to the hub anymore. What’s going on?

Can we get an update on this?

Thank you in advance

Finally able to view the rewards overview on my phone again. But there’s been no updating on FM3 days played, or completion of bucket list on FH3 which is all that was lacking from maxing out my forza hub score for FH3.

I’m also not seeing any friends in the hub when doing a comparison.

We are currently investigating this. I’ll update the thread when more info becomes available.

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Glad to know you guys are looking into it. Thanks!

Same for me… very close to level
9 and no update. I now get 1000/1000 Gamerscore and still no progress.

I have the same issue. My stats in the Reward page, doesn’t update. Also, I am Tier 12,but I receive the rewards of Tier 11.

Same for me. I’m Tier12, but I’ve been receiving 425k credits.

HI please help Forza Hub is gifting me credits but in forza 7 they do not show it says I have 26 items gifted but cannot see them in game as mail, or info for who I need to contact about this info

Stats in the Forza Hub should be updating now. If they are not, please email forzafb@microsoft.com with the specific game and stat(s) that are still not updating.

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Mine finally updated! Thanks!

Thanks! As noted in my email, all stats appear to have updated for me with the exception of the car count in FM4.

Please fix for all Forza games, not only motorsport 7


I have sent 2 email ( May 23rd & May 28th) regarding this issue but nothing changed. I got an email to provide my info (wich stats are not updating) and an email “Hello,
Thanks. We will pass this info along to be looked into. Cheers.”
But like i said… nothing changed. Maybe i’m to impatient.

Sorry for my bad english.