No True Triple Screen Support AGAIN, SERIOUSLY!! (Thought T10 confirmed this?)

T10 confirmed Ultrawide 21:9, Multi-Monitor & Triple screen support for FH7… So. why ist it working?

Yes the triple screen is detected working through “Native Resolution” mode but this is just stretching the image across 3 screens? WTF is this? I do not see ANY triple screen resolutions (bezel corrected or not) my triple screen resolution of 5760x1080 isnt listed, neither is my 6008x1080 bezel corrected res… Does anyone know how to fix this? Am i missing something here because at present it looks awful. Why cant the game just detect the available resolutions in Windows 10 like ANY other game?

Sorry T10, this is NOT Triple Screen Support whatsoever unless someone can point me how to fix my erroneous thinking?

Just take a look at Iracing or Project Cars 2 where its done peoperly, there are adjustments ingame for triple screens including Monitor widths/heights/sizing, Bezel widths & FOV. Where is all this?


I think some people have been tricked into thinking the game will have real triple screen support by T10 saying in their PC specs that it will ‘support multiple monitors’ when it turns out it is no different than 21:9 wide screen support. Even Inside Sim Racing thought it was going to have triple screen support only to find it was not true.

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Native Resolution across my Triple Screens crashes the game randomly. Pretty sad T10.

atleast you guys can play the game on one screen, some of us dont even get that