Multi screen subject is back. A logical reason

A friend of mine came to my home the other day. He saw FM4 running on three monitors.
He was impressed. We talked about it and I told that it was possible to play FM2 and FM3 too, but not FM5 and/or FM6.

I was asked for a reason.

I was not able to give a response. I told that was only showed as demo in E3 but only with promotional purposes.
The final versions don’t support this.

He asked why Microsoft don’t want to sell triple console quantity. I didn’t know what to tell.
He asked why previous versions ran on three monitors in older machines but not in newer ones. I didn’t know what to tell.
He asked why Turn10 don’t want to sell triple copies of the game. I didn’t know what to tell.
He asked why Microsoft and Turn10 don’t let users decide if spend more or less money. I didn’t know what to tell.

I told that in .net forum is said “this functionallity is not supported”, but without a logical reason.
I’ve never heard that Microsoft or Turn10 had been asked in a interview about this reason. No journalist asking about it.

I google about this subject and forums are plenty of people asking about this, desiring it, but without Microsoft or Turn10 response.

Can anybody tell me a logical reason for not supporting three monitors? Its worse if you think they already have the code and its working.

Please don’t reply only: “is not supported” or “in the thread pinned is said is not supporting”.

Just searching for a good reason to rest in peace.

It could be any number of reasons why its not supported and the only people that could give the real reason is turn 10 and i doubt they’d ever give one. It most likely, although useful if you have the setup for it, not popular enough in the past to invest time and money into supporting a feature such as this.

I will say now that forza titles will also be available on pc there is a possibility it may come in the future but who knows. Im sure more people have triple screen setups for their pc so theres definitely a user base for it. As far as the xbox one, im sure it has taken every trick in the book turn 10 had to get forza to run at 1080p 60fps, im sure theres very little room for error to keep these numbers stable, triple screens most likely wouldnt be able to perform at that benchmark.