Native Resolution 5780-1080 Unstable with Triple Screen

So after the latest Forza game update the game will not run Native Resolution (5780-1080) on my Triple Screen setup without crashing. Sometimes I will make it 5 minutes into the game other times 10 seconds. The game will either freeze with the sound caught in a constant tone, or dump to desktop and close the game. I can play on one monitor with no issues. It is a shame Turn 10 didn’t implement Triple Screen support in game like PC2 and F1, instead we get Native Resolution stretching. I have updated all my drivers. Please help!

My Specs:
MB Asus Prime X470 Pro
CPU Ryzen 5 2600
Video Vega 56
NVMe OS and Forza game files
Cooling Corsair H150i AIO

Talby71, thanks for the link but I’ve already been there and it was useless, hence why I am posting in Community support. Other than angry cat pics do you have any solutions that might help me? Feed the cats, they get that way when hungry :wink: