no progress for "cars owned" in Forza Hub

My progress for “cars owned” won’t update in the Forza Hub for Forza Horizon anymore.

Meanwhile I have more than 100 (different) cars, but Forza Hub still shows 61/100 - this status hasn’t updated for weeks now.

“Days played”, “miles driven” and “gamerscore” are updated but “cars owned” doesn’t.

Anyone else has this problem or some tipp what to do? I just want to fullfill my FH-Rewards :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, just my cars owned is stuck at 11/100 in Forza Hub. I have 70+ in game and 18M+ to buy more - just not sure what needs to be done to make the counter move.

All of the other stats update, but cars refuses to budge. They have had issues over the last month and half with servers being unavailable, blocking some content and Forza Hub not updating at all while that happened. But once normal service resumed with the servers since the New Year other stats started updating, just not the cars.

Miles driven is very unreliable for me, but atleast it is gradually going up. I have over 2600miles in game on my stats page, and more done online. The Hub had me up to 930 miles. I did another 150m in game and it went up by 10 in the hub.

I have exactly the same issue.

I originally played FH on the Xbox 360. Then moved to XB One.

I then went back to the 360 platform to complete the 1000 club achievements (what ones I could do because of the DLC packs are no longer being offered).

I have over 100 cars on the 360, and about 35 on the XB one. My Forza rewards say I’m only at 70/100 cars. And that’s been for a week or two now.

Maybe I need to get 100 cars on XB one too?

For the record Forza Horizon (the original) is heaps better and more fun than FM7 in its current state lol.

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Won’t matter which console has what. Mines been on 41 and forza 4 has been stuck on 8 for what seems like forever. Hoping it updates eventually it’d add over 200 points for me…

As for horizon and miles, the game tracks all miles, it’s the only horizon that does this. The forza rewards miles is only for race miles. My horizon race miles has updated fairly regularly. I’d suggest writing down what forza rewards shows you have, then do some actual in game races. I did the horizon championship race several times in a row as well as the Flint race a few times to get mine on up. I’d completed the game but rewards showed I’d only had ~830 miles.

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^^ Thanks for the tip on miles recorded - I’d been focusing on 1000 club challenges, a lot of which take place in free play - speed traps, hit objects, etc. but not much in actual race events. So despite a couple of days adding a few hundred miles, forza hub miles didn’t flinch, while days tracked did go up. Next day focused on actual events and this pushed my miles tracked up. Still not convinced by the full amount, but now at 249/250 so that will soon be done :slight_smile:

As for cars :frowning: Still stuck at 11/100 in the hub.

When I wrap up the last couple of 1000 achievements that are possible, think I will try going back to my original 360, wipe the save, start a new file, get far enough to buy cars and try to afford 100 of the cheapest rubbish and cross my fingers that forza hub decides to track that. Can’t think what else to try? :frowning:

I’m still holding out hope that cars will update. I’ve been doing some online multi-player, have received several cars from level up.

I’ve won several cars from multiplayer while getting to L25 online, but while my stats page in game shows more cars when I win them, forza hub doesn’t.

It has now updated to recognise a full 1000 miles on the hub - despite being 3000 in game. Atleast that one is done for me.

The GS tracking is weird. The hub thinks I have 700/1000 on the “details” view, but on “score” view it gives me the full 400/400 and shows a full bar completion in both views. Actual GS is now 1,020 - go figure ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Each day I go on I make a point of buying another few cars, do the 1000 club activities for them - sometimes free roam, sometimes races, depends on the car. Quit through the menus, backout to the front screen before leaving to the dashboard. But no luck on it updating the car figure.

I quite the game same way. I can also say having the game dump you at the dashboard while in game didn’t resolve car count either. Wouldn’t expect it too, but that’s what happened to me while in a cat/mouse game.

I know perfect pass skill doesn’t as much to the rewards score. After completing game to 100%, I had ~250 perfect passes. I thought I’d just forgo trying to get the rest, however, I did race the horizon championship race several times to get my miles up, and would let cars pass so I could pass back and try for an ultimate pass skill. I might get 5 a race.

I found that playing online races for about 4 hours, I breezed to the completion of the 500 perfect passes, so just passing that along. I wasn’t trying for that when online, it just happened.

Checked today and my cars owned HAS changed! It jumped up from 11 cars which it has been on since my first day of playing, to 97 cars today.

I haven’t knowingly done anything any different in game - still doing a few 1000 club cars.

The only thing I know changed this week was the thread in this forum about being Enhanced for 4K. I think that only applies to those with an Xbox One X, which I don’t have, but would be quite a coincidence if an update was released for the game and a few days later a stat which has been stuck for months and months finally decides to update?

Whatever the cause, just happy it has updated. I’ve now gone back in game, bought 5 more cars and will see if it updates to the full 100/100.

After update, mine jumped from 41 to maxed out. Now hopefully forza 4 will get caught up!

logged in a few times since my last post 10 days ago when there was the game update, but while days played continued to update, cars owned did not. Checked this morning and cars is now the full 100/100 and has registered the additional cars bought since the update. Happy that the full 1000 should be possible with a few more days play :slight_smile: