No more lap based drifting ?

Just wanted to say thanks to the Devs for this update which made it completely impossible to set up a lap based drifting lobby. Me and my friends are so happy, all of us tried doing different things to start a drift lobby and have it be a: drift score based, and b: end after a certain number of laps. You know like how the game has functioned since release, until Jan 16th.

So thanks again Forza Motorsport 7 devs. Your game is officially uninstalled from 3 Xbox’s.

Maybe in Forza 8 they won’t remove options for setting up a race months after the games release. Won’t know though, kinda screwed up the only game type me and my friends play so I doubt we’ll get your next one just to get screwed over again. Awesome ideas you guys have on that Dev team.

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Yes, i noticed too these absurds changes and removes, even in S.P. I can´t understand why T10 mentioned a few times that drifters comm. have a great impact in their games and extends life´s game during 2 years or more…they are just removing things in drift since FM4, so has nonsense.