A few things to clear up if anyone knows...

Just looking for some input on a couple things with FM7 if anyone knows, if not happy days!

  1. Will the Drift leaderboards ever be fixed?
    Seems like no matter what I try, scores won’t update. Tried clean laps, setting on free play, unlimited and open meetup. Tried both quit and next race, tried different settings and tunes but no joy. Am I missing something? I’d have said because the car I use is R class but there’s P classes on there so idk… Just hoping to get a more realistic view on where I am in the grand scheme of things. It hasn’t uploaded a score for me since 2018 and I’ve had first page scores since, after checking post race. I’m assuming I shouldn’t be first page because this seems to be a widespread issue. Also had previous scores completely vanish as if I’ve never set one. Bit of a morale killer.

  2. Any way to find out my true level?
    One day years ago my level changed to black star. Wasn’t sure if it was a progression update or I just hit a cap. Seen it mentioned before that I can check what my true level is somewhere but it’s a mystery to me. I’d love to know this one, I think it’d be sickening lol. Any other stats like grand total XP and laps instead of races would be nice but I’m not too hopeful on that front.

I know this game is pitifully broken (xbox in general peaked at 360, no?) and it still manages to remain a good game, I’m just hoping it’s not as broken as I see it to be. it’s a shame because it’s a great grind, and I don’t enjoy horizon at all. Motorsport community has felt like its been dying for a long time now, and there’s plenty of incentive higher up to let it die and migrate the players to horizon. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if FM8 is gonna be the last one and 5-10y down the line they’ll merge FM with horizon as a closed track mode and release it as just “Forza”.

  1. Its a cap of over 500, you can see your level if you go to the offical game for forza 7 on your xbox and go to stats under level.