No fairness in online hoppers and WISHES for FM8!


Been in FM since FM2 and in every version since then I’ve been playing hundreds of hours in all classes
from E to A.
In the recent weeks I observed how fairness and respect has gone done rapidly in online hoppers, does
not matter which class. Not a single game where not one guy has been in for just one reason - kicking, crashing into
others, on full intention and as his ONLY purpose. You can make them out quite easy - “acceleration 9.0” as others in
that group have around 7 - what happens is very logical, as the first corner comes they bowl everyone out with
+50 mph overspeed - and shortcutting every and anywhere it is possilbe - kudos to that even 30m off track in the grass
you are faster as staying on track - so here my WISHES for FM8:

  1. 1min after start make everyone a ghost…

  2. car completly off track - speed forced down to zero and 3s delay until you can drive again

  3. online vote to kick out those guys after the race and being blocked for at least 15mins for joining again.

  4. more realistic tunes - what sense does it have to see a, for example, BMW Isetta with acceleration 9.0 in Group B
    and grip 6.0?
    The engine you need for that weighs 3times what the whole “car” has.

  5. last but not least - GET RID of that d**** NAT! I can’t see that “Your NAT is moderate” anymore
    although you have forwared all those ports and one everything on your router, fixed IP adress and the programm
    does not check it at all. Gives us the option for IPv6 to get rid of that.

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The 15 minute time out is interesting. Maybe not after the first vote to kick but the second in an allotted amount of time. At the end of the day this is a game and some people get their kicks from being deviants. That does not make it OK to act that way but it does make it much harder to stop. Adding game modes like tag or capture the flag will pull some poor players away into a hopper designed for them.

History has shown us that banning OP cars or build styles does little to alleviate the problem. I don’t think anyone should have a limit on how they build their cars other than the class restrictions on hoppers.

It is very easy to make a game terrible by trying to police all forms of “inappropriate” behaviors. It’s like watching a formula one race that stops every 10 minutes because of a crash and no one can pass other competitors. Not an enjoyable viewing experience and I’m sure the drivers hate it as well.

Turn 10 would do better to put real, tangible rewards on clean racing that significantly increase a players ability to enjoy the game. For instance the licensing system or a racer score based on cleanliness that allows you access to special divisions in online or guarantees a higher starting position on the grid in an online race.


Yeah, but the rammers will then enjoy ramming you of the track and making your laps dirty, which will make that not work either

I agree with you on people being there just to frustrate you. It’s got to the point for me where I will be afraid to make an overtaking move on somebody.
What if I hit them and knock them off track and they report me.
I don’t want to be worried or walking on egg shells while playing an Xbox game

It’s supposed to be a simcade RACING game, not Mario Kart, you’re supposed to be walking on eggshells when overtaking

Hmm, wishlist FM8, but were is FM8? cancelled?

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#2 seems great on paper but those trolls will quickly learn to use that to troll people with that by knocking them off track then just running away or worst waiting for them then just doing it again

yes, but they do have the ghost on one lap down cars