No fairness, no respect in online hoppers and WISHES for FM8!


Been in FM since FM2 and in every version since then I’ve been playing hundreds of hours in all classes
from E to A.
In the recent weeks I observed how fairness and respect has gone done rapidly in online hoppers, does
not matter which class. Not a single game where not one guy has been in for just one reason - kicking, crashing into
others, on full intention and as his ONLY purpose. You can make them out quite easy - “acceleration 9.0” as others in
that group have around 7 - what happens is very logical, as the first corner comes they bowl everyone out with
+50 mph overspeed - and shortcutting every and anywhere it is possilbe - kudos to that even 30m off track in the grass
you are faster as staying on track - so here my WISHES for FM8:

  1. 1min after start make everyone a ghost…

  2. car completly off track - speed forced down to zero and 3s delay until you can drive again

  3. online vote to kick out those guys after the race and being blocked for at least 15mins for joining again.

  4. more realistic tunes - what sense does it have to see a, for example, BMW Isetta with acceleration 9.0 in Group B
    and grip 6.0?
    The engine you need for that weighs 3times what the whole “car” has.

  5. last but not least - GET RID of that d**** NAT! I can’t see that “Your NAT is moderate” anymore
    although you have forwared all those ports and one everything on your router, fixed IP adress and the programm
    does not check it at all. Gives us the option for IPv6 to get rid of that.

best regards,

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Because this is a suggestion for FM8, it would be better if u just wrote this in the ‘Forza Motorsport’ forum if u want a chance of anyone seeing this, mike.

Not only suggestions for FM8 but recent situation too…so difficult where it belongs or should be postet.
And i do hope people of the developtment team do read it or “hear” about, not only my wishes, but what the communtiy likes to see.

best regards

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I tried online racing once and never went back. To many idiots.

The races are too frustrating but open track days are good, you will still get rammed (mainly by 8 year olds in F1 cars) but it doesn’t matter. You get to meet decent players once in a while too.

While I agree there are fairness issues, if you can get up front and stay up front you will have a decent time. I know it’s a tall order for some but the guys up front are generally respectful and good racers. So you can do this by placing well in a race, getting a clean lap in a race or qualifying when you first enter a hopper. I suggest qualifying before you do the first race in a hopper. Any clean lap will get you in the top 5 on the grid most likely. If you are skillful this should really help. If you are good racer you should be able to maintain a good start position race after race and avoid a good deal of the people who behave badly. I would spectate any track where I think cutting may skew the results in a big way like Yas Marina or Bugatti Circuit. This is a great time to qualify for the next race. That’s the real key to enjoyment. While ghosting the first 30 sec in Horizon is ok for that game, for the people who favor Motorsport that just will not fly. Try the 2 penalty hoppers as well and you should have a better time.