No control after season change (3935072)

Bug Info: when in free roam and returning from main menu the season changing screen appears and then the game doesn’t respond to commands anymore.
Platform: Series X
Edition: Game Pass
Account: solo account
Peripheral: original Xbox Series X controller with the latest drivers
Settings: quality mode
Xbox Settings: Quick Resume is on
Attempted fixes: restart of the game only temporarily fixes the issue, I also opened a ticket at Forza Support
Content Update: it started after the update

I am having the exact same issues, on a Series S and on my Xbox One S.

I believe this, or something similar, happened a year or two ago.

Hopefully this will be addressed sooner rather than later.



Same issue over here followed by 4 crashes in 25 minutes. Also every time I load in, the season changes but that’s been happening since I downloaded.


This is exactly what I’ve been experiencing after the update. Loss of vehicle input after returning to game from main menu and Xbox Quick Resume


Guys, I think I solved it. I removed FH5 from my Series X and reinstalled it. Since then the issue has not appeared. I hope it stays like that :crossed_fingers:t2:

I hope this workflow works for you too!

Update: the issue still appears :sob:

Yes same issue here Xbox Series X. Start the game from resume, use of menu is fine but as soon as I exit the freeroam there is no control of the car. Only way to avoid this is to not use quick resumes always quit the game from the xbox menu then launch it. Went thru the same thing a few months ago and took a week for a fix to be done.

I’m having the same issue on the series x.

Upvote if you have the issue people, commenting alone won’t help

Perf mode
V 640.062

just happened to me

Quick resume, did one race of the b700 jap rally championship, fast travelled to second event, the seasonal events screen played again for me and now I have no control in game.

Good job team.


I have the same issues with mine.

Makes it not worth getting out of bed on my day off :joy:

Can confirm on Xbox Series X using Quick resume. It’s fixed after restarting the game.


I dont feel like doing this mainly because my download speed is only 10 mbps -_-

I have also been getting the same issue, i hope it is sorted soon as the this issue usually happens at the worst times for me :man_facepalming:

Are they serious? They won’t fix these issues and want us to endure this very long startup screen every time we want to play FH5!?

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Yep, been having this problem on Series S as well, and also since the most recent series update.

For me it has usually been after resuming the game. I’ve had ‘summer loading’ three times already and then that pointless ‘map slamming’ sequence (please just remove that from the game entirely, it’s totally unnecessary when you’ve got the Festival Playlist section anyway).

After all that - no input will respond. Weirdly, though, if you press the start button to bring up the menu nothing will happen until you press the Xbox button to bring up the side console menu, at which point the FH5 main menu will appear.

But - in order to make it work I have to close out the game, remove it from quick resume, boot it up fresh again and I’ll have control again.

Then of course, if the game isn’t playing ball, you’ll find yourself back to the usual menu hang and crashing problems that have been occurring for the past four months since Winter Wonderland update.

A hotfix got rid of the continual reloading of winter after the Winter Wonderland update (which was just one of the problems that Dec 2023 update seems to have introduced), although IIRC there was no problem with not having any control input afterwards in that case. However, surely a similar hotfix can solve this specific issue again?


Y’all guys try this, it’s working great for me so far. If things break again, we’ll figure it out.

Loss of control fix

1 - unpin from quick resume

2 - create new group, I named mine " no quick resume "

3 - exit game

4 - turn off console

5 - unplug cord from back of the console or the wall for 30 seconds

6 - restart console and give game a try.

I did this and have exited out of the game after it hung up on me and restarted and so far so good, I have all control.

I’m having this issue combined with a pre existing one where every time i quick resume FH5 there is a “reconnect controller” popup. It doesn’t happen in any other game I have installed including FH4, FM. I feel they maybe related. First I see the reconnect then after pressing A more often than not the current season reloads followed by unresponsive car controls. I’ve tried two controllers one firmware updated and one on default which I would presume is fairly old as it has the Apple headset mic buzz. Both connection methods also tested USB-C and wireless.

So prior to the latest update for me there has always been a controller reconnect issue 100% of the time on Quick Resume of FH5 with frequent time sapping current season change reloads: full cut scene and the un-skippable laying out new events. Only now it’s followed by a loss of car controls.

All of which I’d like to see fixed to use quick resume to it’s full potential on FH5, but the latter one is the game breaker.

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I have been having the same problem asweell no control when it starts up

It’s been happening to me since the start of the festival playlist this month on series x

Hi, I’m having the same problem as described above. Also happening after summer load. How do unpin from quick launch?

Clearing the cache on your Xbox Series X might help with the issue. Here’s what I usually do: hold down the power button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds until it completely turns off. After that, unplug the power cord, wait for a minute, and then plug it back in and turn the console on again. It’s a simple trick, but it can sometimes work wonders.