No control after season change (3935072)

I had the same issue until I disabled quick resume. To be fair, I feel like quick resume has always been a little broken in Forza, as it causes so much reloading that it’s not really a quick resume.

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yeah almost 20 posts, 5-10 threads like this one( Forza Horizon 5 Crashing on Xbox Series S everytime - Horizon Troubleshooting / FH5 Report New Issues - Official Forza Community Forums)
or this one The Crashes are getting bothersome on Xboxone & One S - Horizon Troubleshooting / FH5 Report New Issues - Official Forza Community Forums
or this one Game crashing - Horizon Troubleshooting / FH5 Report New Issues - Official Forza Community Forums

thank you for trying being helpful, but this is an know issue that is rolling since december, and they dont want to fix, because its gonna break the game, thats already unplayable for some of us.

Snap I’m having the same from quick resume having to manually quit and restart game bit of a pain


Thanks for sharing those threads. Really, I haven’t come across them here yet. This forum still looks a bit confusing to me.

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Having same problem. Season changes, and when I get back to driving the controller is dead. Only Xbox button works. I can go to Home, return to game, and menus work. But exit menu to drive, and controller dead again.

This is the exact same bug that was happening late last year with every season change. Forza finally fixed it with a game update after several weeks. My game just updated (after not playing for a few weeks) and the bug is back with the very first season change after the update. Sigh. Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5 edition. Hopefully it doesn’t take them weeks and weeks to fix it this time.

I learned from the last time, the easiest workaround (for me at least) is to use the Xbox button to go to Home. Press menu button, quit Forza, then cold launch the game again. A waste of time, but the controller works once you finally get back to driving. At least until the next season change.

Hey Forza team, while you’re fixing this bug again, could you please add the ability to skip the map animation after the season change? Just let us press B to exit before the whole sequence finishes, pretty please?


On horizon 5 the controller does not work on car after loading new season (fall season) only works in meny mode. Tried other controllers, new batteries. Only thing that works is reset console. And then it does the same after a while again.

Edit: I have video.


Thank you. I hope for a quick fix

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Having the same issue
Driving me nuts

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I’m having the same issue too. So far, I’m at like eight or nine messages with support, only thing they’ll give me is general “here’s what to do when nothing works” instructions. Refusal to admit this is a problem affecting many other users. Seems like a really bizarre tactic to alienate likely future Forza gamebuyers.

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I get this with the controller too, but even more annoying is that I keep getting the season intro after each reset too! It’s really not good

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Yes occuring everyday for me too on Series thanks.

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I experience all these issues and have stopped playing. All of this started after there was problem with the last update and the whole game was redownloaded.

Did Forza come up with a solution yet?
The same thing is happening to me after the update.


Hello guys I looked deeper and it seems that this happened before on previous updates.

The fix that worked for me was: when in game, log out of your xbox account the log in again when prompted. This will restart the game and it will work.

It worked for me on xbox series x

I have been having the same issue on my XBox ONE as well as My Series S.

I will attempt some of the fixes users have shared here, but based on my previous attempts to get around this issue, I am not hopeful.


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This is happening to me too, along with the seasons changing.

FH5 is not and has never been on my quick resume list, so I am a bit frustrated that the only current solution is to remove it, as thats a non factor for me lol.

Xbox Series X

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The biggest problem im seeing is that Solutions exist for PC Users, but no Xbox solutions have been posted

I’m also having the same issue!

Same Problem for me using Xbox 1 S very frustrating. I would add you can still go to the Auction House and buy cars but as soon as you go back to drive it’s a no go. This has been going on for a while now…